Correcting our opinion on local Attorney Ben Childs

Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs,
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs,

For years this newspaper has been the only defender of local Las Vegas attorney Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs, and we never thought to look at him in the same vein as we look at the rest of the other Nevada attorneys while everyone else who had a difference of opinion kept their mouths shut.
We erroneously defended Attorney Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs, above anything and against everyone’s opinion, believing he was better than people’s opinions of him were.
Perhaps because he was “too close to home,” we did not realize that Ben Childs is not what we used to believe about him, and for the record, we have to accept the fact that we were Ben Childs’ campaign manager when he dared to run against Judge Elissa Cadish.
He suffered the pain of seeing his wife leaving him for another man, a Black man; he still suffers the pain of seeing his children turning against him and now we have to wonder the same things and ask the same questions others have asked before.
While we thought him to be a very good and dedicated parent, others have seen him as a very controlling father who did/does not let his children out of his sight; and we even felt sorry for him when his daughter, during an interview with a family court arbitrator, yelled at him, “I hate you, I hate you” while we were looking at him as a good father.
Someone asked a very valid question about his children and we echo that same question: why does his daughter hate him so much as to confront him in front of strangers? Why would such a good father have to brag all the time about his daughter’s brassiere size?
Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs, represented a member of this newspaper in a civil case where a hungry businessman was trying to collect a debt that did not exist; he was represented by a local attorney named Phillip Verrocchio, and the judge ruled in favor of the defendant.
After claiming that it was an easy case and that the other lawyer didn’t know anything about the law, all of a sudden attorney Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs, became friends with Verrocchio and wanted to give the opposite side “some money” so they wouldn’t have to refile a new case.
The defendant, who District Court Judge Rob Bare ruled in favor of, accepted the defendant’s attorney’s (Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs) suggestion, but from day one stated that the cashier’s check would be issued to the company and not to the plaintiff’s attorney.
Well, now Phillip Verrocchio has become the defendant’s attorney Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs, “friend” and the defendant was told that he was on the other attorney’s side.
The case has become such a burn and a pain in the neck to all parties and the abuse of power is so obvious that the possibility of filing
harassment charges with both the Nevada Bar Association and the Clark County Bar Association by the defendant, perhaps including the company
that from the beginning claimed that the debt existed when in reality it never did.
Ute construction company did some work back in 2012 for the trustee holder on a property located in Clark County. Later, a former Ute employee, a Mexican by the name of Edgar, offered his services to the trustee of the property to put in a new floor for a more reasonable price and Ute found out and after firing Edgar, sent a second bill to the property trustee who later died in 2016, fighting for the $2,000 that he paid Edgar.
Later Ute realized that they could have been in the wrong, gave the collection to attorney Phillip Verrocchio, who kept adding dollar after dollar for a debt that did not exist, making it look more like a loan shark transaction than an attorney representing a company with a legitimate debt.
Later, after the trustee of the property died, and the case ended in court, attorney Benjamin Childs, AKA Ben Childs, offered to go to court for the new trustee because “that attorney” (meaning Plaintiffs’ attorney) “does not know what he is doing” and “you need help,” never mentioning any payment along with his offer.
In fact, the Plaintiffs’ attorney was incompetent when he filed in the wrong court. He filed the case in Justice Court and a judge told him he was in the wrong court. At the very beginning, both attorneys and the judge were wrong. Justice Court Judge Conrad Hafen ruled in favor of his attorney friend, on a case over which he had no jurisdiction.
It took several years for another judge to explain the case was always in the wrong court; it was supposed to be in District Court.

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