City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz promised to cleanup homeless problem in Ward 3

Is not a union meeting, it is a homeless invasion to private property
Good Morning America!!!
Poor homeless forgot the toilet paper on Miss Diaz bathroom
Is not a union meeting, it is a homeless invasion to private property

Lots of promises were made during the last city election where Ward One and Ward Three were in a tied race with candidates who had been political figures for a very long time and now that they were the winners, it is “business as usual” and of course coverage by assistants that are fulfilling the obligations of those who were elected to serve their constituents.
It is important to know that those who were elected are supposed to be serving all constituents alike, the ones who voted for them and the ones who did not vote for the office-holder.
Several calls made to City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz were answered by a telephone operator who said she’s “very busy in meetings and doing other tasks for the councilwoman.”
A woman named Susan responded to our call to City Councilwoman Olivia Diaz but did not let us speak, despite the fact that we were the one who initiated the telephone call, because she had to explain to us how the city protocol works — as if it were our first day at work.
We are offering a real picturesque event of what we wanted to speak about with the councilwoman, but it seems like if the “executive assistant” is the one attending the meeting, maybe the councilwoman is “too busy” vacationing or campaigning for a higher position.
The homeless community uses the trailers as toilets and neither the city nor the police attempt to do anything about it.
This is what we see in the morning when we are coming to open the small downtown business.

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