Can Michael McDonald do the job he was hired to do?

Nevada Republican Chairman Michael McDonald


Nevada Republican Party  Chairman Michael McDonald

The ability of the newly re-elected Chair of the Nevada Republican Party, Michael McDonald, will be put to task sooner than we all expected when four positions in the Clark County Commission will come open.
This is the time and the moment when we all were expecting to break the cycle that for thirty years has ruled the county commission by keeping it all Democrats.
During the last Clark County Commission election all Democrats were-elected despite the fact that all four Democrat seats had a Republican candidate running against those socialist incumbents and that was because not even one of the candidates had the support of the Republican Party and all of them were on their own.
There is no reason why for the last thirty years the Board of County Commissioners should have kept Democrats as the ruling party when there are many qualified Republican candidates who—just because they are not to the liking of the Republican Party—are not being supported, whether or not they are well qualified.
History tells us that the Republican Party has not been fair to its members. Years ago, Congressional candidate Ken Wegner, who never had any help from either the state or the county party, requested a list of the members so he could explain his platform to the members who could vote for him and bring a Republican to the U.S. Congress.
The Las Vegas Tribune accompanied Congressman candidate Ken Wegner to the Republican Party to obtain the list; Wegner spent his own money
mailing the political material out, but two weeks later the Las Vegas Tribune and Congressman candidate Ken Wegner learned that the entire list of Republicans were all deceased, as he discovered when the envelopes were all returned to him and stamped as such, but Wegner was never reimbursed for the money he spent on those mailings; he was actually ripped off by the Nevada Republican Party.
Soon Larry Brown and Larry Weekly will end their terms and two other sitting commissioners will be up for re-election and that will be an opportunity to balance the scales of the Democrat dictatorship that has existed on the Board of County Commissioners for the last thirty years.
We hope that Chairman Michael McDonald realizes that it is time to give the appearance that he is the Republican servant that some naive people believe he is and start pushing for those who will be running for the Republican seats in the Clark County Commissioners’ Board.
Someone needs to step in and help Stavros Anthony raise money for his campaign because after he comes out with the money for his campaign manager, he may have to fly to Alaska for advice.
Let’s hope that disgraced former city council Ricki Barlow is not thinking of replacing his former boss, Larry Weekly, in District D after he comes out of prison. Barlow was sentenced to one month in prison, three months in a halfway house, and eight months of house arrest for scheming to steal tens of thousands of dollars of campaign money in 2015.
We hope that this time Chairman Michael McDonald realizes that not only the future of Nevada, but the future of this nation is at risk and there is no time to play games, Republicans need to wake up and fight for a better future in the hands of Republican candidates even if we do not agree or like some of the candidates. Chairman Michael McDonald needs to wake up and smell the coffee because surrounding himself with his small circle of friends is not going to help the party, the state or our nation. Michael McDonald needs to realize that by playing politics the way he is doing it, he
is acting anti-American and giving the Democrats the opportunity to turn this nation into another Cuba or another Venezuela.
Chairman Michael McDonald needs to realize that the United States is in serious danger and the country needs all the help that we can offer
if we want to save our freedom and our independence; we need to save the country and we need to do it now.
Chairman Michael McDonald needs to realize that just because he is on good terms with President Donald Trump does not mean that he is above
everyone, and Chairman Michael McDonald needs to be aware that President Donald Trump doesn’t like to play games and does not tolerate people who like to play games.
We hope that whoever is whispering in the ear of Chairman Michael McDonald against the Las Vegas Tribune and against every human being in this organization, will realize that they are doing a disservice to him, to the Republican Party, to President Trump and to our nation.
We are not afraid of anyone because we believe in the United States

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