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‘One Moccasin’ Winnemucca is a Big Shoe to fill by GOP Chair

Michael McDonald doing what he do best, playing politics

By Denis Mraz 

Las Vegas Tribune

Michael McDonald doing what he do best…. playing politics.

In his Nevada GOP victory speech Michael McDonald said he was “humbled and honored to be your Chair” after receiving more than half the votes, at 205, between him, Dave McKeon, 54 and Annie Black with 102 votes. Winnemucca, Nevada, which loosely translates to “one moccasin,” was the convention host town, in the shadow of the Santa Rosa Range.

Karl Johnson, Clark County Deputy Precinct Captain with a bead on the conservative pulse had this to say: “Apparently, it’s about PR and not action.” In previous articles, the Chair’s missteps since his initial election have been well documented — from his lobbyist activities, to 81 lost elections, and decline from 1200 delegates to just 355 delegates.

Mary Porter, of Douglas County said, “McDonald won in spite of still not delivering on comments that told us what his platform goals are and how he planned to overcome previous losses.” Another critique came from an anonymous Central Committee member regarding the results. “The party must still be full of RINOS to have a McDonald-win today, where the true lead right crowd is considered fringe group material.”

RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) herded to protect McDonald when his speech to stand in Trump’s 2016 victory colored his remarks, which few conservatives identified with.
At one point, McDonald stated he was “the one who got Trump elected”; and in another comment “brought Trump to Nevada eight times.” While there may be temporary unity, the next test of the party will be the support of candidates in all races, and county party will supplant State funding in their quest to pursue FEC compliance they may work on federal, state, and local elections. McKeon stated further, “I ran on furthering the Constitutional Republic platform with strong county party programs and I’ll never stop believing politics are local because the voter lives in the State, but they really ‘live’ in the county and when we take care of people locally, everything grows and expands for individual liberty.”

The process to elect McDonald involved the State Central Committee of roughly 350 members with 100 percent of voters submitting proxies, or in person, votes. While it’s possible Conservatives and RINOs may heal the division to get Trump elected, the deep divide created by factions within county parties are still in full gear. Dave McKeon said this, “The sun sets tonight on a job well done by all. And Republicans are committed to re-electing the Disclosure President for four more years.”

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