McKeon and McDonald face off in Battleground Nevada GOP Race

Michael McDonald sabotaged our website
By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Michael McDonald face off in Battleground Nevada GOP Race

Heated GOP Chair race drew national attention when current Chair Michael McDonald stated in a September 2nd Associated Press article that he would resign over the monumental losses sustained by the Nevada GOP in 2016 and 2018; over 80 races were lost. Since the devastating loss, Trump has not been photographed with the Chair.
David O. McKeon, the former Clark County Chair 2013-2015 raised the most money for the party in recent history and is supported by members privy to the political moves McDonald used to poison the well against Chair challenger McKeon when McDonald’s political director in 2015 conducted an unlawful access of McKeon’s closed divorce proceedings in Utah to mischaracterize McKeon as a violent person by selectively publishing documents to smear McKeon’s reputation.
The full scope of the matter including investigations of violence were false and was kept from the public by subverting documents absolving McKeon of false allegations.
McDonald supporters within the party also slandered McKeon by falsely reporting money was taken from party coffers, which was debunked completely in an independent audit ordered by McKeon by records
reviewed on McKeon’s website. Again, the audit report found no funds were missing, but the damage had been done and McDonald became chair in 2015.
A trailing third candidate, Annie Black, came under heavy fire for donating $10,000.00 to another county from a single donor, Sherman Consulting, a Clark County-based company that consults for Asian and Chinese business interests.
McKeon’s transparency commitment wants change for GOP business in Nevada, and will mirror Trump’s moves more closely. One such issue involves Islamic Sharia financial compliance such as the ATR tax pledge, which was never signed by Trump in 2016. Nevada’s GOP has been bullied into signing the Tax Pledge under McDonald even after it has been exposed as a blackmail component of the CAIR member Norquist, a Director of NRA and President of ATR. David Horowitz of the Freedom Center in 2011 warns in his CPAC speech of deep Anti-American tenets of the Islamic movement and agrees with Glenn Beck who has called Norquist “dangerous.” McDonald and Michelle Fiore, his endorsed RNC Committee woman, have vigorously pushed the pledge and have publicly stated they wouldn’t support candidates who won’t sign the pledge, even though Trump refused to sign it.
McKeon, fluent in Spanish, believes the party needs to implement fresh strategies to reach and engage all voters who are more interested than ever in economic liberty and protection of life. “When Trump wins, we all win” he stated at his kick-off event in July. McKeon is the only candidate who staked his claims early and concisely with a clear written plan on significant moves to get more Republicans elected, build farm teams, and expand digital opportunities to raise and distribute money to solid candidates. His approach to better defend Republican incumbents and support challengers to current communistic candidates is solidly grounded.
“If the 2020 census redistricts Nevada with a 2020 GOP loss, the state will be lost forever.” He went on to say, “The DSCC, the Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, recently mailed a DSCC survey and Question #4 reads, ‘To strip the Republicans of the four seats needed to retake the Senate, do you support the DSCC’s approach that in 2020 there are no so-called safe Republican Seats.’ McKeon states, “Nevada is a battleground; nothing and no one is safe.
Everything is at stake, we cannot afford to gamble on more shoot-from-the-hip politics if we expect to win.”
David O. McKeon Chair and Michael B Jack, Co-Chair have posted their information at

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