Thomas Welborn took time to give me some history lessons.

Response to Thomas Welborn…
By Perly Viasmensky
Last August 30, 2019 I received a very interesting email from Thomas Welborn in Silverton, Oregon with telephone number (971) 343-1723 about my editorial of last week regarding homeless people in the downtown area of the City of Las Vegas. Besides calling me a bigot and racist, Thomas Welborn took time to give me some history lessons.
Thomas Welborn started his email saying: “Your opinion column sounds like it was written by a bigot, despite the compassion you claim to have when performing maid duties.” I never claim any compassion for their lack of consideration, I hate coming to work every morning to clean after the homeless population and being forced to clean urine, feces, condoms, sanitary napkins, needles and other things.”
Mr. Welborn went on with a history lesson about Chinese people who lived in poverty in the 1950s in Eastern Oregon banned from doing anything but taking care of their physiological needs’ outdoors, while living in constant fear of violence from gun-toting rednecks.
Now who is being racist? For generations, to count the supposed rednecks has always been very territorial; if you don’t cross their path, they don’t bother you.
Thomas Welborn continues, “Consider replacing ‘homeless person’ with ‘black person’ in your opinion article.” What does race have to do with their filthiness?In fact, the majority of the people leaving their trash behind are white; very seldom do you see a black person doing such a thing.
Another paragraph of Thomas Welborn’s email reads: “You are not entitled to your opinion about homelessness any more than the average racist was to their opinion about black people in Eastern Oregon during the 1950s.”
Yes, I am entitled to my opinion. That’s the beauty of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution — Freedom of Speech.
The last paragraph of Thomas Welborn’s email reads: “Consider publishing a follow-up opinion where you apologize for your disturbing attitude and instead of cleaning up condoms, urine and feces clean up your attitude. If the community of Las Vegas upheld my attitudes about homelessness, which I will not express to you, they would ostracize you amongst your peers and ensure that you yourself were never able to gain employment in the area. Please apologize and understand how narrow your perspective is and how closely it resembles the attitudes of historical racism in the United States.”
First, I never retract my opinion of facts, so NO, there won’t be any apologizes. What I do apologize for is not being able to rent a bus and put those people on it and send them all to Oregon to Thomas Welborn’s home for him to take care of the people he so much loves and clean up after them. That I could be ostracized by my peers and ensure that I will never be able to gain employment in the area, that’s another blessing of being the owner of my business, I am not an
employee of anyone.
If my perspectives closely resemble the attitudes of historical racism in the United States, I can see that Thomas Welborn’s perspectives are typical of the ones of socialists destroying democracy in our country.
Some facts Thomas Welborn refuses to accept is that all those homeless people he so vehemently defends are receiving a monthly government check, some of them receive two checks every month — on the first and the third of every month, enough to rent at least a room and stop aggravating the rest of the citizens.
Thomas Welborn, thank you for your correspondence and don’t expect any
type of apology from me.
* * * * *
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas

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6 months ago

It’s rude to post his # and he’s obviously mentally ill. You have no grace