LVMPD may discriminate against business owners

Sheriff Joe Lombardo
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Sheriff Joe Lombardo

Two ladies running a downtown business called police because they have several homeless people resting on the sidewalk on one side of their business (even though the sidewalk is a public domain) and they responded with two patrol cars all with flashing lights. Right across the street a cell phone retail store called for help and several patrol cars responded with flashing lights and all; a 7-Eleven store at the corner of a busy intersection in the same area calls almost on
a daily basis for help and again several police cars respond within minutes, but as it was not enough. The fire department and the ambulance also responded.
Thus far, it sounds like good police work responding to local businesses in distress, but the two ladies in one of those calls are related to members of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department; the cell phone retail store as well as the 7-Eleven store are part of powerful nationwide corporations that Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department want to impress because they most likely donate money to the Sheriff’s campaign fund.
Another small business owned by the owner of this newspaper called for help on occasion and the arriving time was no less than two hours, if they showed up at all.
Just last Friday, two individuals were captured by surveillance cameras at the parking lot of the business trying to steal a vehicle that is part of the inventory of the small business, but it took almost half an hour before they arrived at the business that was closed at the time. They arrested one individual not for trespassing or for trying to steal a motor vehicle, but for possession of a crack pipe and an outstanding warrant.
The original call was made to 911 and the caller was transferred to a 311 operator who never responded or answered the call. The call was transferred because the 911 operator decided that a robbery in progress was not an emergency.
Once two homeless people, a male and a female were engaging in a sexual act on the back porch of the business when it was time to open the store and the owner asked them to stop what they were doing and to leave while calling the police, but the police never arrived before the trespassers finished what they were doing and left the premises despite the fact the owner was attacked with a knife.
The owner of the small business once was told by a telephone operator that if the trespassers leave the property there is nothing they can do so the owner was on the telephone with the telephone operator who was asking one hundred and two questions while the intruders were kicking the back door and the female intruder was advising the business owner that “we be back, I promise,” and the police arrived about thirty minutes later with two black officers (male and female) who had an attitude and were threatening the business owner with handcuffs because he stated that they came too late and that their presence was no longer needed and the police cars (by that time, another police car arrived with a police officer with a Spanish last name who never identified himself) were interrupting the business.
Is that a coincidence or is it like former Sheriff Doug Gillespie has said about the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper and the owner of that local downtown small business accusing him of having a “conspiracy theory mentality.” You be the judge.

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