Arrest quotas of LVMPD taint community relations in North West Las Vegas area

North West Area Command Captain Sasha Larkin

By Denise Mraz
Las Vegas Tribune

North West Area Command Captain Sasha Larkin

Looks like Sheriff Joe Lombardo fell asleep at the wheel. North West Area Command Captain Sasha Larkin issued quota requirements for proactive arrests and officers are fighting back. Union members given contact reports for failing to meet the quotas say the reports are the first steps on the pathway to disciplinary action as stated within the general regulations of departmental policies and procedures.
Dave Rogers, General Counsel of the LVPPA, has issued a memo to union members requesting copies of the negative contact reports for a lawsuit complaint. In other cities, lawsuits of this type brought against departments have drained the coffers substantially, resulting in fewer funds actually dedicated to fighting crime.
Proactive arrest quota policies in the 98-square mile Command come as a trade-off to allocate resources for service. Police officers are now under more pressure to take enforcement action to maintain their quotas, leaving service calls unanswered or delayed to provide additional security for other community needs.
The domino effect of officers making arrests on quotas can have deleterious effects on an overloaded system of overworked case investigators, crowded jails, and burdening the justice system unduly.
But by far the very worst effect of quotas is the lasting damage on cuffed citizens who get put on a permanent path of a veiled “social credit” schema. The ripple effect socially and the rumor mill of any neighborhood, workplace, or community tries people in the court of public opinion first with lasting effects, but the least expensive, financially.
Financial calamity in lost work time and payment of bonds can tip the scale for a person living month to month to one without a home. If an arrest gone wrong makes it all the way through as a nothing burger and the victim still has their sanity intact, the consumer’s social credit report will be sure to rear its ugly head over and over.
Surveillance and tracking in the form of social credit reporting victimizes applicants for credit, auto insurance, or even a professional bond and adds up to a lifetime of increased premiums, less options and perhaps even rejection of personal or professional licenses.
Quotas are superhighways to crash course collisions between citizens and code enforcement. Let Joe know.

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