Valley Hospital is my favorite of all..

By Rolando Larraz
It may be more expensive than The Wynn or The Trump Tower, but I am not complaining because Valley Hospital, in my humble opinion, is the best hospital in our community.
I am not much for fancy names and normally I am not one who is easily impressed, but from the first time I visited this hospital I was sold!
Perhaps it is one of the oldest hospitals in Las Vegas, but the service is superb, if there is such a service in the hospital industry.
Since the first day, when the ambulance took me to the hospital, I became hooked on this place and now every time an ambulance driver asks me what hospital I want to go to, I don’t hesitate to tell them “Valley Hospital.”
In the emergency room this time I got lucky and I was taken care of by a nurse named Jake who was very efficient and compassionate despite the fact that, as always, the emergency room was filled to capacity.
They found me a room (I did not have a reservation — LOL — but it was Sunday, and there were many check-outs) and the nurse was a pleasant young woman named Melanny who made me feel very welcome and the majority of the staff has been fantastic.
Remember what I wrote a few weeks ago about the old-time Las Vegas when one could walk into the Horseshoe Casino and find Benny Binion sitting in his favorite booth in the coffee shop, or being able to
walk along with Carl Cohen on his rounds in the Sands Hotel and casino?
Well, today you may not find the new generation of casino big wheels to be as accessible as in the old days but the COO of the Valley Hospital learned that I was upset about some minor thing and she personally came to my rescue and solved my problem within minutes.
Despite my illness, it was a pleasure speaking with the COO of Valley Hospital, Jessica Hensler, who also showed me a picture of her twenty-month-old baby. (Those of you who know me know that I do not publish names or photos of underage babies.)
The next day Jessica’s second-in-line, Onzla McLemore, stopped by my room to check that everything was under control with me and that I was being taken care of. I am grateful for that.
On the floor all the nurses were fantastic without missing a beat of their duties, checking on me, making sure that everything was as smooth as possible.
Jenny-fer, Alishia, Abby, Jan, and Monique, the head nurse, were all fantastic, efficient and professional to the max. I believe that the executives of this institution have to feel very lucky to have such dedicated personnel on their staff.
It is not easy to be sick and in the hospital, but at least if one has to go to a hospital, Valley Hospital is the place to go. They treat patients like guests and try hard to make anyone’s stay as pleasant and as easy as possible. I, for one, feel blessed that my long stay in a hospital is at Valley because I don’t know if I could handle just any hospital.
I know I am missing some of the other names, but I did not write them all down so my overall satisfaction is not complete; nonetheless they are all included in my positive opinion of the service I got at Valley Hospital. Each and every one of the nurses, certified nurse assistants and every employee on the second floor of the hospital are responsible for my satisfactory three-week stay at Valley Hospital.
I also want to give thanks to those who took time from their busy schedule to visit me; my faithful friends Comiesha Monica Lenoir, Al Salina, Ed Uheling, the president of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, Peter Guzman, former Clark County School District Trustee Kevin Child and of course my two favorite judges that I always keep nameless so they do not get in trouble with the judicial system that is not happy with my writing or disagrees with my opinions; and of course, also Attorney Bob Beckett.
They were all very concerned with my well-being and I very much appreciated it. It helped me get better. My thanks to all of them. Thank you all!
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column
appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him at: or at 702-272-4634.

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