Former GOP Assembly Candidate’s Ongoing Saga in Family Court and Judge Linda Marquis

Michael McDonald facing jail time over sending presents to his own children
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Michael L. McDonald,former Republican candidate for Nevada State legislature,  and “Political Prisoner”

Michael L. McDonald, former Republican candidate for Nevada State legislature, who was recently a “Political Prisoner” at the Las Vegas City, due to his being targeted and incarcerated 30 days before the November General Election in an effort to prevent him from winning.

McDonald, who went through a hellish divorce, was thrown in jail for six months for trying to call his own children previously. He claims that there were contradictory orders issued by his family court judge, Linda Marquis, that lead to his incarceration and illegal sale of the marital home. This, in turn, caused McDonald to take action and become
an activist to try to help others as he found out there were so many people being affected.
Michael McDonald is the President of the Committee for Family and Criminal law reform, a Political action committee, and a Non-profit Director. He and several others created these organizations in response to the current tyrannical family court system that prevents children from

Michael McDonald is the President of the Committee for Family and Criminal law reform, a Political action committee,

being in one or more parent’s lives, for incentivized profits. Their efforts are to “Help keep families together.” he explained that the breakdown of our families through the family and criminal courts is one of the biggest root social issues of our day.
After he was put in jail, his ex-wife broke into the marital home and stole everything of value; she had not been in the house for almost two years and had already gotten everything that she wanted. His house was then fire-sold by his ex and he sustained over $80,000 of marital loss.

McDonald got out and had almost nothing, and the assets were not properly divided, He then went to Washington DC and met thousands of people facing similar circumstances, losing almost everything, especially contact with their own children.
He went to the Million Parent March, then helped lobby for H.J121/SB48 for a constitutional amendment for parental rights, which is currently in Congress.
Michael McDonald was scheduled for a hearing on July 22nd to see if he should be remanded to jail for sending presents to his own children for their birthdays! His son’s 8th birthday happened to be on Father’s Day this year. McDonald has been going through an arduous battle in order to try to be relevant in his own children’s lives. He went through a divorce in 2015 and has had zero contact with his own children since Christmas of 2016!
McDonald has been going through an ongoing tragic divorce. His family law attorney, George Maglaras, committed suicide right before his scheduled trial. He was left to represent himself and his ex filed a TPO over a tracking device that was on the shared SUV.
McDonald was the IT manager of a tracking device company where it was company policy to have them in employee vehicles for testing purposes. Without his counsel present, his wife told Judge Marquis that she was afraid
for her life “because he is tracking me,” yet there have been no police reports and McDonald vehemently expresses that he never made any threats nor ever harmed his ex-wife.
He alleges that his ex used the “Silver Bullet” (False allegations of abuse) to completely alienated him from his children, and also brought up unsubstantiated charges that lead McDonald to go to jail multiple times. He said that he was incarcerated in the city jail for six months for trying to call his own children (a TPO violation) and that
the contradictory orders issued by new-to-family-law Judge Linda Marquis, which were unfollowable.
Michael McDonald was then charged criminally for orders issued in family court, where order violations only receive up to 25 days in jail for contempt. However, his ex filed it with the police; he then faced misdemeanor charges and was given the maximum sentence of 179 days in the city jail.
A Temporary Protection Order (TPO) issued by Judge Marquis in court was extended for a year over the tracking device, without his attorney present. His ex called him from an unknown number against the TPO no-contact order and asked for money. McDonald then called her back from an unknown number asking to speak with the children after the money was paid; she stated that she was recording the call, he did not consent to the phone call being recorded, and then his malicious ex gave the video records to her family friend, who is lead Homicide Detective Dean O’Kelly at Metro police.
McDonald was sentenced to six months in jail. He was arrested, then, towards the end of the day, they held an additional Trial, for a DV incident where his ex claimed that he pushed her at a custody exchange. He claims that he was baited to come over to her parents’ house to pick up the kids; she said she was not there, but was. She called the police; McDonald left with his daughter but she would not give him his son. The Police then called up McDonald saying that he violated the TPO and that she claims that he pushed her.
McDonald asserts that he never touched his ex and that he appealed the DV charge. He also claims that his ex and her attorney, Russell Collings, conspired to get him thrown in jail so that they could get him out of the picture in order to sell the marital home that had over $140,000 in equity. Michael’s ex went on the stand saying that she was afraid for her life and then Judge Almase threw the book at him gave him 30 days in jail, 52 domestic violence classes, and a GPS ankle monitoring for six months.
McDonald had been running for legislative office after experiencing debt to some of the family/criminal courts, thinking that he could change the system. He was running on the platform of family and criminal law reform.
He also went back to family court after six months with a motion to modify custody so that he could see his own children, as Judge Marquis “awarded” sole physical and legal custody to the ex while McDonald was incarcerated.
As soon as he ran for office, his vindictive ex filed charges of five counts of wiretapping; meanwhile recording phone calls between them in regards to their marriage. He was sent to jail for these unsubstantiated claims.
At trial, McDonald lost horribly due to the fact that he had to represent himself and was given no visitation by Judge Marquis.
Pursuant to simultaneously-filed criminal charges or believing ascendance on an alleged forged letter from his counselor in regards to him being able to see his children. Then judge Marquis, sua sponte (on her own accord) filed the charges with the DA’s office. The DA then charged him with 11 felonies, three counts of burglary, three counts of forgery, three counts of filing fictitious documentation, and two counts of perjury. McDonald was then thrown in jail with a $100,000 bail amount.
McDonald’s uncle, John Bonaventura, who was running for governor then, bailed him out. While McDonald was out campaigning and knocking on doors and going to political events, he had a status check in September 2018. At the status check Judge Campbell remanded him to 2 179-day consecutive sentence: six months just for texting his
parents-in-law about how to get presents to his own children, and another hundred and seventy-nine days for domestic violence charges that McDonald attests were set up by his ex at a custody exchange, where she claims he pushed her.
McDonald was thrown in jail 30 days before the election, making him a political prisoner, as his ex and the judges did not want him in a position where he could have the power to change things. While incarcerated, McDonald received almost 40 percent of the vote. He was supposed to be released on April 14, 2019, even though he posted bail
and had not been convicted of any crime. He was still thrown in jail for merely getting arrested for those malicious charges.
McDonald was kept in jail past his release date, and instead of being released on April 14, 2019, was sentenced to remain in CCDC, where he spent three days in the “fish tank” sleeping on the concrete floor with 35 other people and no room to even sleep, before he saw the judge. The judge subsequently released him on his own recognizance (as
he also had previously posted $100,000 bail). Yet he was still put in jail for 14 days pending an ankle bracelet.
McDonald has been trying to get back on his feet after getting devastated and being in the city jail, a facility known to house many of the homeless people of the city of Las Vegas. At the most recent hearing, the new judge to the case, Judge Moss, said that the orders did seem weird and that she could see that Judge Marquis gave no power to McDonald to be able to see his own children.
McDonald recently got Family Court Judge Moss, and she was able to clarify whether or not he could send presents to his children as previous Judge Linda Marquis gave him no path to be able to see his kids even though his parental rights have not been terminated. Yet Judge Moss still granted the Malicious TPO his ex put in over sending presents to his children. The judge then restricted him with the TPO not to send presents or letters to his children, which essentially is a termination of parental rights. He, therefore, gets no visitation, which is soul-ripping for him and is not in the “best interests of the children!”
McDonald has not been able to see his own children whatsoever. Judge Moss ordered a full mental evaluation after which she will consider whether to reunify him with his children. McDonald has since filed a motion to be able to see his children again and dissolve the TPO.
Hopefully, he will be able to see his children soon and all of these 16 felonies the State is trying to charge him with will get dismissed!

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8 months ago

BS. McDonald is a nutcase.

3 months ago – all anyone needs to see to know this article is a complete farce.

Jennifer C
Jennifer C
12 days ago

This article is complete fiction. This guy needs intensive inpatient therapy and lots and lots of meds. What a complete mental case. I have watched all of the court proceedings and the judge was patient and explained to this man exactly what was going on. He is living in an alternative universe of his making. He is so scary as a father and husband.

9 days ago

Åh, jättebra inlägg. Tack som alltid för dessa fantastiska inlägg. Jag skulle alltid rekommendera sådana inlägg till andra. Jag hoppas att du bara skulle fortsätta att uppmärksamma människor i denna fråga genom denna otroliga plattform. Tack för att du delar med dig av denna användbara information.