We Stand By Our President

For the last few years, this newspaper has been saying what the duly elected president of this nation just said a few weeks ago yet it seems like coming out of President Trump’s mouth makes it more offensive than coming from the pages of the Las Vegas Tribune.
No one who is unhappy living in this country should have to stay here; if one doesn’t like the system and the laws of the nation and are fortunate to have money enough to move out, they should be able to do so, since they are lucky enough to live in a country that does not hold anyone against their wishes.
We are all able to agree or disagree with various laws, have a difference of opinion from each other, and be free to express ourselves since we are living in a free country and the freedoms of expression and opinion are part of our everyday lives.
But that opportunity or privilege of being able to agree or disagree with others or to be able to have a difference of opinion and be free to speak out about it with one another should not be for just a few but should be extended to everyone equally, and that includes the president.
That freedom we are fortunate to have in this country, and which is not just granted to any one special group and not to others, cannot be kept from some select few— or heaven forbid, from all others except themselves. Those who claim the right to say what they feel must be said to those who they believe do not have the right to express their own opinion of what they just said are claiming some kind of special privilege that sets them above others. They obviously have no regard for those who do not agree with them for doing the exact same thing that the “elitist” special ones do all the time: speaking their mind.
We see no problem with telling people in their own home that if they do not like it there they can leave. If they can find a better place somewhere else, they should be free to go.
The president stated that those who do not like it here should leave; he did NOT say that Blacks, Iranians, Simolians, Latinos, transgenders, bi-sexuals, gays, or lesbians should leave. The president did not make it about a specific group but about anyone who does not like it here.
The American Communists in Congress and the anti-Trump groups need to stop twisting everything around and stop attacking this administration; and then when they get attacked back, they start crying racism or anti-this or anti-that.
It is all very simple: if you don’t like it here, there is the door— the airport or the bus depot, or any ship. We live in a country where people have the right to pursue happiness and if they don’t like it here, we have a popular saying… “Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out.”
We have been saying it right along; in fact, we would like to think he copied it from us and now that he has said it, we support the president’s words and confirm that we agree with him.
This newspaper was founded in part by Cuban immigrants so we cannot be concerned with the possibility of being accused of racism. Some of our
founders still speak with an accent but the thicker their accent, the thicker their love for this nation.
This newspaper fights for everyone’s rights without regard for color, nationality, sexual orientation, or even our belief in their cause.
We have donated tons of air time and pounds of ink defending others’ rights even if they do not appreciate it or recognize our efforts. We do not look at party affiliation but the right they have to do or say something. No one at this newspaper is afraid to say something; and when we make a mistake we’re brave enough to say so.
However, when we’re right we would like the community to recognize our efforts instead of ignoring our words. Everyone at this newspaper is not perfect but we believe in what we’re doing and we’re proud of our work.
Many have called us racist but our history speaks for itself; many have called us anti-immigrant, but that failed because we’re all immigrants— from New York, from Idaho or from Cuba, but we’re all still immigrants.
We believe in our president and — once again — do our best to show the other side of a story. We have no other interests than to serve this great nation in any way we can and this is not the time to look back.
We honestly from the bottom of our heart believe that the president is doing a great service for this nation and we support him unconditionally. We agree that those who are unhappy here need to go somewhere else.
God Bless our President, God bless our democratic system, and God Bless America.
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