Does no one have compassion for those who live and work here?

Happy Birthday to the Happy Mayor in the world

By Perly Viasmensky

Happy Birthday to the happiest Mayor in the world

First, Happy Birthday to Oscar Goodman I want to start my column for this week by wishing a Very Happy Birthday to our former Mayor Oscar Goodman who is turning 80 on the 26th of July. He always claimed he was the happiest mayor in the world, but he made us, the citizens of Las Vegas, the happiest citizens in the world. Lots of people in Las Vegas admired Oscar Goodman for many different reasons; personally, I admired him not only for his dedication to our city but for his devotion to his wife, our present mayor, Carolyn Goodman. Happy Birthday Mr. Goodman. I personally wish you the best of the best.
* * * * *
Now, I believe I need to continue with a problem that is affecting us all — the homelessness problem. I read in a local newspaper that the annual census of homeless people in Clark County released some time last week showed a 13 percent decline from the previous year. I hate to admit the fact that if all census counts of the homeless are conducted in downtown Las Vegas, they are going to show a great percentage of decline because all those homeless people are moving to residential areas around Sahara Avenue, Arville Street, and the surrounding areas.
Still, people with familiar faces that were long gone from downtown Las Vegas are showing up again, big time — at locations with rental trucks, opening equipment and conducting their sexual businesses as though they have rented a motel room. Business owners are forced to clean the trucks of semen and other substances as if they have become the servants to those homeless people because nobody else cares to protect the neighborhood businesses.
I wonder when the new City Councilwoman for Ward 3 is going to step down from her pedestal and decide to check the area she was elected to
represent and find a solution for the problems those businesses face in the area.
The honeymoon is over, and this is not only for Ward 3; the Councilman for Ward 1 promised he was going to drive around checking all problems
in the area that former councilwoman Tarkanian overlooked, ignored, or conveniently allowed. It is time to clean up the neighborhoods in Ward
One. People moved into this area because they wanted to live in a residential area; they didn’t want to live on a block with a garage mechanic, a car wash and any other commercial business. For all that, they moved to a ghetto for much less money.
Then along comes a man in a red van feeding all the homeless people in Ward 3; he claims he is a minister without a church and claims we need
to have compassion for others, but he has no clue as to how to have compassion for the business owners who need to come to work in the morning and then have to clean all the feces left behind from the people he has fed.
Who has compassion for those people, those who need to clean that feces without any knowledge of the kind of diseases that might be spread around by those homeless people? The minister claims he has a license to feed the homeless; I wonder if he also considers that we pay rent, have a business license, and pay taxes to conduct business in a clean area.
It is time for the newly elected people to do the job the former council people never did.
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky,
email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas

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