Regardless of the R-J and the LVMPD, we cheer on the LVCVA

The war created by the owners of the local daily newspaper that happens to also own Sands Convention Center seems to be nothing more than a business move to attack a competitor that has been in our city for six decades and an effort to keep the monopoly in our convention meetings.
People who create monopolies do so because their product is not as good as the competitor; they do not give the same service and/or they may not care for the community and/or the clientele, customers, subscribers or whatever name they choose to give those using their service, but they have more money with which to push the competitor out of the way or have the tools to discredit the reputation of the other guy.
For months the local newspaper has been attacking the sixty-four-year-old Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and it was not until this newspaper mentioned the connection between the local daily newspaper and the other convention hall that the writer started acknowledging the tie between the two.
On April 29, 1959, the Las Vegas Convention Center officially opened with a 20,340-square-foot rotunda, 18 meeting rooms and a 90,000-square-foot exhibit hall. In its first year of operation, the LVCVA hosted eight conventions that were attended by 22,519 delegates.
Now, Las Vegas regularly hosts more than 21,000 conventions and meetings attended by nearly 5.9 million delegates annually.
Attacking elected officials that serve on the executive board of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for doing their job is a disservice to this community and to the joint effort of the board.
Las Vegas was, at one time, well known for its complementary actions toward their patrons and each other; it was very common for people from one property to get complementary goods or service at another property. Accusing elected officials who sit on the board of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority for using a facility transportation to go to Strip hotels doing their job is plain stupid.
Accusing an elected official for traveling outside the country to promote our industry or for accepting a plane ticket to go on a vacation that most likely will end at some point in talking about Las Vegas and its attractions is childish.
Working to keep a monopoly on everything is not the smart thing to do nowadays. Las Vegas used to have three, yes three, daily newspapers with two of them publishing two editions daily, as well as several weekly newspapers with the best writers and editors in the business.
The snake who was given the assignment of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority used to be Hank Greenspun’s snake who never was anything but a snake. Ned Day came to Las Vegas way after the snake; they both were from the same city in Wisconsin, but in just a few months Ned Day became the best journalist in our city, respected by many and feared by some, but the best regardless.
It is embarrassing that a city the size of Las Vegas only has one newspaper that most people only glance at, but do not read. It has become a joke with advertising on the front page and a half front page a few days a week.
Perhaps in the past having a newspaper monopoly would have been a good thing, but today it is most definitely not because before the newspaper is printed, television and the internet have reported everything first.
In the past, it could have been an asset being the only game (newspaper) in town, controlling people’s minds and forcing them to have just one opinion, one voice, and to see just one side of the story, but today the new generation has many options and as far as we can see they are very picky about what they read.
Most likely the daily newspaper has teamed up with investigators with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police to attack the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority because the sheriff wants to have, and looks like he has, the support and endorsement of the only newspaper in Las Vegas.
In fact, rumors have become a reality that former sheriff candidate and retired police captain Larry Burns was thinking of running again when he had a heart attack and died two weeks ago. Coincidence?
We hope that the people of Las Vegas do not allow the daily newspaper to manipulate their mind and their soul; we hope that the people of Las Vegas realize that being the only newspaper in a city of our size is not necessarily a good thing and/or the best thing for our city.
We salute all members of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority board and congratulate every one of them for a job well done regardless of what the daily newspaper may say or what the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police investigators may come up with.

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