Honor, demanded or given out of respect?

Las Vegas Tribune  Editorial Board
I is time to get right to the point; the only reason elected officials are as arrogant as they are is that the citizens who elected them make them that way and allow them to be the obnoxious repugnant individuals they are so they take advantage of everyone they can.
The public has to remember that politicians have a bunch of high paid elves that do anything for money, from lie for them to creating false news to confusing and misguiding the public from real issues so they can continue in power regardless of the public benefit or not.
If they cannot protect the safety of our families, if they cannot protect the security of our country they are not of use to anyone;don’t let them give you false information in the name of humanity and in the name of compassion.
If they cannot have humanity and compassion with our own how can they have either of those with anyone else? It is a matter of common sense.
Consider all that free stuff: free health, free schooling, free food, free this, free that — when in reality we all know that there is nothing free in this world, never has been and never will be.
Most politicians have been in their job a minimum of a quarter of a century; some have been in office for fifty years… fifty years!!!!
Do we all read that? Fifty Years! God, some of us were not born when they were already in office and they have not fixed anything yet; what does that tell
People, you need to realize that politicians have taken us all for granted and there is not another word to explain what is happening in our country except the reality that they are all thumbing their noses at us, like laughing at us, a gesture that many may not know but it was very popular in the thirties and the forties.
These Honorable men and woman in black robes that are all available to the public at election time, and later when they win, or even when they lose, as all politicians do, they disappear and you never see them again until the next election and they even joke around about it among themselves.
Do we think that all judges deserve to be called Your Honor? We do not, in order to call someone Your Honor that person needs to at least know how to spell the word and then have a little portion of that Honor actually in themselves.
Corruption in the judicial system is more common than we might know, but in Clark County it is perhaps more than double for each problem; out of the forty-some judges in Clark County this newspaper can count on the fingers of our two hands who deserves to be called Your Honor and deserves the respect of having us rise when they walk into a room, but we also rise (most people call it stand) when a female walks in a room regardless of what profession she may be in.
The radicals born in the last two decades, taking orders from communists who are brain-washing and poisoning the minds of our new generation want to take down the beautiful images of our past: statues, museums, historic monuments and such, like they want the past of this nation to disappear so our children, the future generations, have nothing to learn from to pass it along to their children.
Why are the communists so involved in removing the past of this country? All countries have a past — good sometimes or bad sometimes, but it is the country’s past; every country has a past and we cannot be any different.
Every country has a border, also. Why is it that everyone makes such a big deal because the United States of America wants to have a border? A well-written article in the Washington Examiner by Michael Rubin explains, “President Trump’s commitment to building a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border continues to polarize both Congress and bilateral ties with our southern neighbor. While Democrats argue walls don’t work and even many Republicans question the $21.6 billion price tag, both concerns are overwrought. While critics say there is no utility in a border wall, countries around the globe have come to rely on
Why is no one is critical of the wall at the Vatican, India and Pakistan, Morocco and Algeria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq? Is it because these criticisms will not affect the United States? Nohhhh. Is it because these criticisms will affect the Democrats, the Republicans or Independent groups in the United States of America? Nohhhh. Is it because — and only because — these criticisms may look as though President Donald Trump was the bad guy? Of course that was the point.

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