Justice may not be for all, due to who’s administering it

Pamela Schoening Bordeaux served her community for twenty-three years as a police officer rising to the rank of Detective
Pamela Schoening Bordeaux served her community for twenty-three years as a police officer rising to the rank of Detective

Pamela Schoening Bordeaux served her community for twenty-three years as a police officer rising to the rank of Detective and before that she served her country with two tours overseas until the day she was forced to shoot her former son-in-law.
The former police officer charged with murder after her former son-in-law was shot multiple times in her home is still behind bars while a man who killed an unarmed man in the back while walking home alone is walking free, celebrating a graduation event and a daughter’s birthday three week’s after shooting Raul Moran in the back.
Since April of this year, the former detective is behind bars and the local newspaper and television stations have not mentioned her again, but the man who tried to break into entertainer Wayne Newton’s home is on the front page of the local newspaper every day.
It is unknown if Wesley Martin did burglarize the Newton residence; he was tried on two charges, burglary and home invasion, but knowing the entertainer’s financial history there may not have been all that much left to steal, but there was a known reporter and perhaps another whose face may not be too familiar covering the fast track procedure.
In the case of former detective Pamela Schoening Bordeaux, the police told the local newspaper, “As homicide detectives, we are going to investigate every crime regardless of who the suspect is,” said Lt. Ray Spencer with LVMPD Homicide. “If it’s a former employee or if it’s anybody else, makes absolutely no difference.”
In the Newton case a Chief Deputy District Attorney, John Giordani, told the local daily newspaper after the verdict that the reality is, any residential burglary, whether an apartment or a mansion, should be treated extremely seriously, referring to the comment made that alluded to a different viewpoint, “Because Mr. Newton was one of the victims, it was treated a lot more seriously than other residential burglaries.”
Seriously, perhaps Chief Deputy District Attorney John Giordani should tell it to the owners of the Las Vegas Tribune who were victims of a burglary three times in one year, two of them on one weekend (Saturday and Sunday) alone and after learning where the stolen property was, they could not even go and get it because “criminals have rights too.”
In the case of the unarmed man shot in the back while walking home, the killer, Victor Cruz, is out of jail and the only reason he is not in New York today is because the victim’s sister was brave enough to confront the Deputy District Attorney in the case who informed the presiding judge that there was a dead body in that case; the judge in the case was shocked to learn of the dead body and fast enough reversed his decision to take Cruz off the ankle monitor immediately
and suspended his New York trip, but there was no media coverage because the judge previously ordered the Las Vegas Tribune “out of my courtroom” when the court marshal, Walter Clifton, AKA “Clif,” was the one who intentionally raised his voice to interrupt the court and blame the newspaper for it. But there was no media coverage of that either.
It is obvious that the freedom of the press means nothing in our community and Judge Sciscento, despite the fact that this newspaper has always given him the credit he deserves, has a chip on his shoulder and an antagonistic feeling against the Las Vegas Tribune
founder for an unknown reason.
We assume that the hard feelings Judge Joseph Salvatore Sciscento, AKA Joe Sciscento, has toward the Las Vegas Tribune is toward the newspaper’s founder and his philosophy and intention of exposing the corruption of his longtime friend, District Court Douglas Smith, AKA Doug Smith, who recently retired under dubious motives, and for his racial feelings against Cuban people. The owner and founder of this newspaper is Cuban, an he’s been living in the United States legally since 1959.
In a front-page lead article, the weekly Las Vegas Tribune reported that the previous presiding judge neglected to read the Clark County Coroner’s autopsy report signed by the Coroner herself, Lisa Gavin MD, MPH on April 12, 2019, which declared Raul Moran’s death a “Homicide,” but it seems like either the investigators with the Homicide Unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department or the office of the Clark County District Attorney’s Office neglected to specify that in all court papers or someone is protecting an assassin that is walking the street of our city; today we know it was not the District Attorney’s Office, which notified the judge, the court and all parties involved leaving the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department the responsible party.

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3 months ago

Garbage spin. “Forced” to shoot her victim? He was unarmed and she unloaded a full clip into his face, shooting fingers clear off of his hands as he held them in front of his face. Article makes no mention of his efforts to legally improve his visitation rights with his child, surely her motivation for the murder. Long may she rot.