Commercial Center could be involved in a criminal conspiracy

Special to the Las Vegas Tribune
Collusion may not be illegal but conspiracy may be when it involves public officials, past and present, and that is what might be the situation where former and present Clark County elected officials may be conspiring with a local real estate agent to defraud the taxpayers and the Clark County constituents.
The old Commercial Center was at one time the place to be seen and even today is home to well-known businesses such as John Fish Jewelers, Tiffany Cleaners, and Serge’s Wigs. We are the home of Las Vegas’ Largest Pool Hall (The Las Vegas Cue Club), Largest Korean BBQ and International Karaoke (Jin Mee BBQ, and upscale Karaoke), and Largest Mexican Restaurant and Mariachi Dance Hall (Las Palmas). Commercial Deli, also part of the Commercial Center life, was a place where everyone who was someone was a regular at the famous Commercial Deli where popular entertainers met and indirectly entertained the restaurant customers off the stage.
The real estate agent is working on an effort to push tenants in the old shopping center out so he can buy properties at $200.00 per square footage to later be able to build a high rise for much more and perhaps sell it to already existent high-rise developers and owners.
The parking lot of the Commercial Center belongs to Clark County and only when someone buys the entire center will the county release the parking lot.
In order to have that happen, they need to do whatever it takes — including abuse and forcing senior citizens out of business — so they can buy off the property which, by the way, is flanked by two homosexual bath businesses and a transvestite night club and a second-floor place that is used by these transvestites for private dancing with special customers perhaps with the blessing of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who may be aware of the private
dancing episode on the second floor of the lounge.
Former Clark County Commissioner Christina R. Giunchigliani, AKA Chris G., and newly elected Clark County Commissioner Richard S. Segerblom,
AKA “Tick” Segerblom, seems to be conspiring with local real estate agent by the name of Ron Mac Menemy to destroy the only income this senior citizen may have to make it possible to survive.
Bill Krane has been in the same spot in Commercial Center for several decades running several businesses and also running for county commission against Clark County Commissioner Christina R. Giunchigliani, AKA Chris G., creating the fact that it was the reason for the antagonism between the two of them.
Today Bill Krane is a U-Haul dealer and was doing well until the three musketeers—Chris, Tick, and Ron—turned their efforts toward destroying Bill Krane’s only income by reducing the number of trucks he and his wife could have in the empty Commercial Center parking lot.
Bill has always been in Commercial Center, either on State Street or Karen Avenue before buying the present building about twenty years ago where he started the U-Haul Dealership, and now Chris, Tick, and Ron want to regulate how many trucks he can have.
In one month he has been fined $750.00 for having more than five trucks because “other tenants need the parking space,” but in reality what they are looking for is to run him out of business so he will sell cheap — and for a small business, the selling price is rather significant.
Las Vegas Tribune has been in the area of Commercial Center several times at different times and the parking lot has always looked like a ghost town with the exception of several eighteen-wheelers that are parked at the South East corner of the center, but a Clark County Code Enforcement Agent by the name of Rob Pollom — most likely bowing to the wishes of Ron Mac Menemy, Chris G. and County Commissioner Richard S. Segerblom, AKA “Tick” Segerblom—abused his authority by writing up two fines totaling $750.00.
Maybe the Federal Bureau Of Investigation needs to put some attention on what is happening in Commercial Center and the conspiracy that may be taking place in that area by those two corrupt public officials, elected or former, and a real estate agent who wants to become a tycoon at the expense of the public.

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