Judge Sciscento may be suffering from black-robe fever syndrome

Justice Court Judge Joseph S. Sciscento may have taken his frustration out on the Las Vegas Tribune
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Justice Court Judge Joseph S. Sciscento may have taken his frustration out on the Las Vegas Tribune

After making a fool of himself by presiding over a case without learning anything about it and without reading the court documents, Justice Court Judge Joseph S. Sciscento may have taken his frustration out on the Las Vegas Tribune by displaying an acute case of black robe fever syndrome with the help of his court marshal, who provoked a sad incident between the court and a Las Vegas Tribune newspaper representative.
In a story that first appeared in the Las Vegas Tribune, the newspaper questioned who was protecting Victor Cruz after he shot an unarmed man in the back of his head, killing him, yet the killer, Victor Cruz, was booked at the Clark County Detention Center on a simple charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
The newspaper learned that Victor Cruz was to appear in JC Department 2 where Judge Sciscento presided and went there to ask the judge if he was aware that Victor Cruz had cowardly shot someone in the back of the head, killing him, and as always asked marshal Walter Clifton (a.k.a. “Clif”) to ask the judge if he had five minutes to talk about the Cruz case.
After waiting for more than ten minutes and seeing everyone go in and out of the judge’s chamber, we saw the judge entering the courtroom to sit on his pedestal, having ignored the request of the Las Vegas Tribune to discuss the Cruz case, when the Tribune was only trying to help the judge not to make a fool of himself, so we asked the marshal if he had told the judge of our request, causing an outburst by the marshal who in a very loud voice told the newspaper representative that he had told the judge.
For years the Las Vegas Tribune has talked to marshal Walter Clifton (a.k.a. “Clif”) Tribune during court and never had a problem communicating with him, but it seems like marshal “Clif” intentionally had raised his voice as he did; and even if the reporter had not opened his mouth, the judge asked him to leave “his courtroom” because he was interrupting “his court.”Judges have the tendency to believe that the courtrooms are their personal property and keep forgetting that those courtrooms are “the people’s courtroom.”
The last Wednesday lead article in the Las Vegas Tribune, “Who is protecting Victor Cruz — the DA or Metro, and why?” clearly questioned the prosecutors and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s motives by not adding the murder charges to the charges in the Victor Cruz case; in fact during an interview with a member of the victim’s family, ironically we assured that person that Judge Sciscento was a fair judge and will get to the bottom of it despite the fact that two previous judges had ignored the fact that there was a murder involved in the case and Victor Cruz has not spent three days behind bars and was throwing a party in his home a few weeks after killing an unarmed human by shooting him in the back of his head.
In last Wednesday’s court appearance Judge Sciscento released Victor Cruz from his ankle monitor and gave him authorization to travel to New Jersey for “some type of graduation event,” opening the road for the possibility that he would never come back and that is what prompted the newspaper to ask Judge Sciscento what was going on, but instead the judge embarrassed and humiliated the newspaper representative by in open court asking him to leave “his” courtroom.
During an emergency court appearance the following day, after the victim’s sister went back and confronted the prosecutor for the miscarriage of justice proving the newspaper twice right, clearing the District Attorney’s Office of any wrongdoing and the fact that Judge Sciscento did not know (how could he not?) that there was a cowardly homicide involved in the case of Victor Cruz and he then put the defendant back on the ankle monitor and retracted his authorization to allow Cruz to travel to the East Coast.

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