“Interview with Thomas Randall, of the Blue Man Group (Luxor)” By Sandy Zimmerman

Blue Man Group’s Fifth annual Sensory-Friendly Performance BLUE MAN SENSORY SHOW FOR AUTISM (Photo: R TO L-THOMAS RANDALL, BLUE MAN GROUP, & Terri Janison, President & CEO, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation; Photo Credit: Ricardo Guzman.

(Photo Credit: by Ricardo Guzman)

Thomas Randall, SHRM-CP, PHR, explained, “The Blue Man Group feels art is for everybody and we want to find ways to reach out to the community and with just a few modifications can open doors to groups to come here and feel connected.

The Blue Man Group performs their sensory friendly partnership with The Grant a Gift for Autism once a year, this is our fifth year show for the community. We bend the lighting and sound levels down a little bit to make it softer for their environment and pay close attention to the people in the audience, how they react with each other, making sure they feel comfortable. If somebody does need to take a moment, there are areas outside the showroom where they can take a break or get some earplugs then come back to the show when they are ready.

After five years we have gotten to know what to do for the Foundation and all of their families.”

The Blue Man Group thinks of everything!

Blue Man Group show
October 23 2012
Photos By Denise Truscello
Las Vegas Nevada USA

It is important today for entertainers and business to know and understand the special needs of groups with autism.  www.blueman.com

The BLUE MAN GROUP describes themselves: “At Blue Man Group, you’ll rock, laugh and party. As three bald and blue men explore our world, together we’ll discover music, comedy and surprises at every turn.
By the end of this spectacular journey, you’ll be saying, “I don’t even know what just happened but I
loooved it.” 35 million people of all ages and cultures know what Blue Man Group is really about.  Hard to Describe, Easy to Love!”                                              

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation: JOINT MISSION WITH UNLV MEDICINE ACKERMAN AUTISM CENTERTo ensure every infant, child, adolescent and young adult with autism or neurodevelopmental challenges has access to a medical home that provides high quality, multi-specialty diagnostic treatment and intervention services.

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to help children, young adults and their families master autism by providing assessment and treatment funding; combined with support services, vocational training and transition planning.

Grant a Gift Autism Foundation, 630 S. Rancho Dr., Ste. D, Las Vegas.

For information, call 702-564-2453.   www.GrantGiftFoundation.org


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