Who is protecting Victor Cruz, — the DA or Metro and why?

Raul Moran’s cause of death “Homicide,”
By Perly Viasmensky
Las Vegas Tribune

Who is protecting Victor Cruz

Raul Moran, a member of a prominent gaming family, was shot in the back while unarmed walking home, but lots of questions remained unanswered and many of his family members and friends are questioning the preference given to his assassin.
Victor Cruz was arrested after the shooting and as incredible as it sounds, Victor Cruz was booked at the Clark County Detention Center on a simple charge of assault with a deadly weapon.
Those attending the first court appearance told the Las Vegas Tribune that District Court Judge Richard Scotti presided over the court appearance, but court papers show Black female Justice of the Peace Karen Bennett-Haron as the presiding judge when neither of them fit the description of a “white fat heavy-set justice of the peace sitting
at the bench” and telephone calls to the office of District Attorney Steve Woolfson and court officials have not been returned on time for this publication.
Another unanswered question is the fact that Victor Cruz shows to be at the Clark County Detention Center when in reality he is out, sleeping in his own bed and four weeks after the cold-blooded assassination of Raul Moran many of his friends were seen at his residence celebrating some type of party for his 6-year-old daughter with a complete disregard for the law and the fact that he has killed another human being.
Many of Moran’s family and friends were shocked to hear the presiding judge instructing defendant Victor Cruz “to stay away from the victim, Raul Moran” when Raul Moran was already dead by the hand of the defendant Victor Cruz appearing before him.
Didn’t the judge read the court papers and realize that the defendant was accused of the murder of Raul Moran while he was walking home unarmed?
Didn’t the judge realize that assassinating someone is the same as killing someone?
But that was the key of the issue: the court papers prepared by the prosecutors with the information given by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Homicide Investigators may have skipped the fact that Raul Moran was shot in the back of his head while walking home unarmed.
Victor Cruz is taller than Raul Moran was and the bullet went in the neck, behind the left ear; if the bullet went in through the back of the left ear the bullet should have gone down instead of going up to blow his brain out.
The presiding judge neglected to read the Clark County Coroner’s autopsy report signed by the Coroner herself, Lisa Gavin MD, MPH on April 12, 2019 that described Raul Moran’s cause of death “Homicide,” but it seems like either the investigators with the Homicide Unit of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department or the office of the
Clark County District Attorney’s Office neglected to specify that in all court papers or someone is protecting an assassin that is walking the street of our city because, as many police officers try to explain to victims of a crime, “Criminal have Rights Too.”
It is very difficult for Clark County citizens to believe that during the hearing on March 16, 2019 standard bail was set at $20,000 cash or surety and at the status check hearing on filing of criminal complaint of March 25, the hearing was vacated and defendant was released on his own recognizance with electronic monitoring medium level as the life of a human being is totally disregarded by the court and authorities.
As this newspaper is being published on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, case number 19F05022X, State of Nevada versus Victor Cruz is being heard in Las Vegas Township Courtroom 2 with Judge Joseph Sciscento presiding,
if in fact the hearing will take place because the Las Vegas Tribune has learned that there is a possibility that the hearing will be postponed.
It is normal behavior in the Clark County Court System to postpone cases with the hope that witnesses will move out of the jurisdiction and in one manner or another, not be available to testify when the defendant is being protected by authorities and/or prosecutors.

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