To all the Real Fathers, on Father’s Day

By Las Vegas Tribune Staff
It is Father’s Day this coming Sunday and even if fathers do not generally get the same emotional treatment as mothers do for their day, we want to take a moment to give fathers some special overdue recognition.
Some fathers may seem only good to make their girlfriends or wives pregnant, but others are as dedicated to their children as any mother could be. We talked to a father whose wife said she was not cut out to be a wife, homemaker or especially a mother, so she left the home and left him alone to raise all five of their children.
We know of a Veteran who — when an unfair family judge in Clark County Family Court chose to give custody of the child to the mother, even knowing that the child was going to be taken out of the jurisdiction making it impossible for him (the father) to have any contact with his daughter—fought for the judge not to allow his daughter to leave the city.
We are well aware of a father who was dying to see his daughters and the mother did everything in her power to distance the daughters from him as vengeance; the father was allergic to a dish and she cooked the same dish every day so he wouldn’t have anything to eat until he died without the pleasure of seeing the daughters he adored.
There are stepfathers who act more like a father than the biological father; the ones who see the wife’s children as his own and raise them with love as his own, doing special things with them as a normal part of life.
A father is not the one who impregnates a woman. A father is the one who raises the children, loves them and gives them the warm and tender care that the bio father did not even know how to do.
This Sunday we salute all the fathers and stepfathers without mentioning any names to avoid revealing any family secrets. We thank them for being the men they are and wish them a very real and Happy Father’s Day!

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