Mia Culpa! We are sorry for our lack of knowledge

Our Point of View/Las Vegas Tribune Staff
Editor’s Note: This editorial was prepared days before the election; we do not know who the winner of the city election will be, but we want to emphasize that we are serious about our part in helping the community.
All along we took for granted that Melissa Clary was the good candidate in this city election; we have signs in front of our buildings, we editorialized in her favor; we talked to everyone for her and asked friends to vote for her. Now we accept the fact that we were wrong.
We knew very little about Melissa Clary and took the word of her campaign manager without realizing that her campaign manager, like so many other campaign managers, was getting paid to speak in favor of their candidate.
This newspaper had no idea that Melissa Clary was supported by socialist-communist political figures of our community and we do not support communist candidates or candidates that are supported by communists, as is the case of Melissa Clary who is supported by dope-head socialists like Tick Segabloom and Chris Giunchigliani.
This newspaper does not support Sanctuary cities; this newspaper does not support open borders; this newspaper does not support illegals, and we do not care what anyone else says, we believe in democracy.
We should not have been surprised — and something should have told us that something was wrong — when we saw that Chris Giunchigliani had a sign supporting Melissa Clary in front of her well-secured residence on 15th Street and Oakey Boulevard, a house that is not an open house like she wants for our borders.
We have no idea who the winner of this city election Ward 3 will be, and right now we couldn’t care less because we are withdrawing our support for Melissa Clary.
Tick Segabloom and Chris Giunchigliani, in our opinion, are enemies of the American people; anyone who supports Sanctuary cities and open borders and supports illegal immigration is not in favor of the American people’s best interests.
Looking at a brighter side, Olivia Diaz may be a corrupt politician, but that is sadly just called American politics; she takes money from supporters for one election and later uses the money for another race, something we can call “politics American-style.”
We all know how dirty politics can be, so it should be no surprise to anyone whatever happens in politics, such as the case of a Hispanic wannabe leader (who is treated like one by the local media) who goes from Democrat to Republican to Democrat again, depending on who offers more money.
Who is the campaign manager for Valerie Webber for city council on Ward 2? None other than the former campaign manager and personal friend of her main opposition in the race, Lisa Mayo. Is she running the campaign for Valerie Webber because she is the best candidate, because of the money, or because she wants to be sure that Valerie Webber loses the race, opening the door of a better opportunity for her friend?
Politics are dirty; we all know that and we learn to accept that fact as long as it is politics among Americans; but when it becomes politics to favor enemies of the American people, it is a different issue and it should not be tolerated—at least we do not tolerate it in this newspaper; we would rather be embarrassed by admitting that we made a mistake than keep our mouth shut and give the impression that we believe in anti-American issues that could, down the road, destroy the future of this wonderful and noble country that opens its arms to all.
As truth becomes known about a candidate, it needs to get out to the media who can then report it in the news, and see that the campaign managers more honestly represent their candidates.
Winning an election is important, but being loyal to the community and the nation should be the main purpose of anyone who cares for the country they live in.
In order to have a clean government, we need to have a clean candidate, a clean election and an honest campaign, as well as an honest campaign manager who should be interested in telling the truth about those running for a political seat.
We regret not having been more knowledgeable about Melissa Clary; we have pulled her signs down since Sunday, June 9, as soon as we learned
that she has ties to Tick Segabloom and Chris Giunchigliani because we believe that they both spread the communist mentality, which is something we are staunchly against.

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