Downtown — the dump of Las Vegas

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Paying up to $4,000 a month for a downtown location to have homeless people camping in front or on the side of one’s building is not fair to residents or businesses.

Downtown Las Vegas is part of Ward Three and the elected Councilman in that seat, Bob Coffin, after two terms (eight years) in that position has done nothing to better the conditions and the look of all the law offices and residences that are in that downtown area; most of them have given up and have learned to live in the sad-looking downtown Las Vegas area.
Coffin has been seen in the affected area only twice; once when he appeared as a guest on the radio show Face The Tribune and three weeks ago at a 7-Eleven at the corner of Charleston and 10th Street despite the fact that he sadly lives three blocks from that location.
Coffin earlier this year announced that he was not running for his last term position that the law allows him due to an “illness caused by a car accident” but that should not be a reason to ignore the Ward 3 constituents that he has chosen not to care for.
Attorneys, legal runners and other businesses in the so-called “attorneys’ road” area near the several courthouse buildings are paying an arm and a leg for either rent or mortgage and deserve to have a clean and clear-of-homeless-people look to their business area, which at the present time is presenting them with a sad and ugly look.
A great majority of the homeless people are former employees and/or are old enough to collect either retirement or social security checks that could have given them enough money to rent a location to have a roof over their heads before Californians took over Las Vegas and raised the rent and the property value up to three or four times the amount that Las Vegans were used to paying. Many of those homeless even receive two checks every month.
Nevada elected officials have allowed Californians to take over Las Vegas by coming here and forcing their high prices on the local residents, the same local residents that elected them to the political positions they now hold.
Paying up to $4,000 a month for a downtown location to have homeless people camping in front or on the side of one’s building is not fair to those businesses or to that person paying rent to live close to where they work or simply because they like the downtown area atmosphere.
The Art District is in a category by itself and there are not many homeless residents allowed there, just as you won’t find many homeless in Summerlin, Scotch Eighty or even near the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters because The Art District has been the pet project for many of the city hall officials; the other areas are where many elected officials and wealthy friends of city hall live and most of the homeless try to stay away from the eyes of the police department.
Bob Coffin should realize that his term does not end until the new city council person is elected next week in the June 11 city election and he needs to keep serving the constituents of Ward 3 until that date when he stops collecting his city paycheck for supposedly “serving the people of Las Vegas” — all the people of the city of Las Vegas, but especially the people of Ward 3 that he allegedly represents.

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