Where is Oscar when we need him?

Happy Birthday to the Happy Mayor in the world
If everyone would have listened to Mayor Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas today would not have the distinguished honor of being known as the capital of the homeless

Oscar Goodman is an attorney-turned-politician. He was the Mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada from 1999 to 2011. His wife, Carolyn Goodman, succeeded him as mayor in 2011.
We have heard the expression, “Where is a policeman when we need one?” and we are now asking, “Where is Oscar when we need him?” When Oscar Goodman announced his candidacy for mayor, all the Liberals started attacking him and digging up what they thought was all the dirt, from a Mob Attorney to all his connections with so-called mob figures, one by one.
Even the daily newspaper wrote an editorial titled, “Anyone but Oscar,” which we rebutted with another editorial titled, “No one but Oscar.” Everything Oscar created, everything Oscar programmed, the Liberal Media and the socialist writers would attack; even Jon Ralston (and his then-sidekick Erin Neff) used to attend the weekly news conference and was the first one to show up to try, unsuccessfully, to embarrass the newly-elected mayor.
The Henderson Pravda Newspaper, AKA Las Vegas Sun, wrote “Goodman has suggested busing homeless people 30 miles south to a former jail in Jean. With its air-conditioning and ready medical treatment facilities, he said, it could be used to train them for re-entering the workforce.”
All Mayor Goodman wanted was to give them a place where they could take a shower, shave and have some clean clothes so they could look presentable to go out into the workforce looking presentable.
In the same article, Goodman called panhandlers “despicable” and said the homeless were coming to Las Vegas “in droves” and that “that must stop.” He said Las Vegas is gaining a reputation for “having a heart” for the homeless and “that is unacceptable to me.”

“But I have no tolerance for panhandlers and hustlers, able-minded and able-bodied people who refuse to work. I don’t want them in my city,” he said. “I’m talking about the people urinating and defecating in our streets.”
If everyone would have listened to Mayor Oscar Goodman, Las Vegas today would not have the distinguished honor of being known as the capital of the homeless.
It is embarrassing and it is shameful to see how the homeless have taken over our city; day-by-day, the homeless population increases in a city that has been known for cleanliness, decency and for being a proud city.
Just yesterday, we witnessed a new homeless camp by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on Charleston Boulevard, close to Valley View; they were a new group of the homeless and were camping with shopping carts and blankets.
In the shadow of the elegant Regional Justice Center, there are people spending the night and showing the Las Vegas visitors, tourists and gamblers that we are a city no different than Los Angeles, or Salt Lake City where the homeless control the city and the elected officials.
We are no longer speaking of Las Vegas Boulevard and Foremaster Lane; we are talking about centric locations where tourists and visitors and even relatives come to visit family members in residential areas like Valley View and Sahara and other locations.
“Our homeless corridor has burgeoned to the point where Las Vegas has a reputation as being a haven for the homeless, and I’m going to put an end to that reputation,” Mayor Goodman pledged. Goodman said he doesn’t want to dismantle the various shelters and service organizations that have anchored themselves here within a few blocks of one another.
“But under no circumstances will that present area be expanded,” he said. Rather, new or expanded services should “be in an area that will not disrupt the economic development and the quality of life of abutting neighbors. We need to develop another area where they can go.
But it’s not going to be in my city.”
But Oscar Goodman is no longer the mayor of our city and the homeless disease is spreading in our city like cancer or some other disease with the blindfolded elected officials’ blessing.
When Oscar Goodman became the Mayor of Las Vegas in 1999, he was an outsider and his mentality was that he was the new sheriff in town and was going to be the White Knight of our era — but later he could have been poisoned by the professional politicians, yet nevertheless he was and is the best mayor Las Vegas has ever had.
Because Oscar Goodman is not planning to run again, the best choice for the residents of Las Vegas may be someone who is known to many as a former police officer, a former city council, in fact, the best city council Ward One ever had, and who is now the Nevada State Chairman of the Republican Party; his name is Michael McDonald.

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