How to improve our beloved city

It is no secret that our state has become a pothead state, elected officials going crazy giving licenses to open pot stores everywhere, they have billboard advertising, 24-hour stores where anyone and everyone can go to buy pot and then hurry to get home to light up.
Now there are the pot lounges where people can sit down to light up a joint and blow the smoke at everyone that happens to walk by, all in the name of tax revenue, and, of course, “campaign contributions.” No wonder there are people that want to close the legitimately licensed houses of prostitution.
How dare they spend their money in having pleasure with a woman when what they need to do is spend their money in our pot lounges and the gaming houses that say nothing at all. In the past, casinos have always been against everything that could remove the cash from their green felt jungle.
Are the casinos also in on the pot business under the table (no pun intended). How far is this pot hysteria going to go? What is next, cocaine? There are millions of questions we can ask our pothead pot-pushing elected officials but we are going to start with just a few for now and have more in the near future.
Where is the money from the pot tax? Some of that money was supposed to go to the Clark County School District but the new governor now says that there is no money for the school district after his campaign promise was that he would take care of the schools because “our schools come first,” and “we will take care our teachers,” and “every classroom is going to be first class.”
Is our Nevada government acting like a con artist? Is that why the new governor wastes time in throwing mud on our duly elected president so “we the people” will look at the president and take our eyes off of what the governor says and does?
Nevada’s inquiring minds want to know where the pot money is. Who is holding the pot money? Who is keeping track of the pot money? It is no secret that pot money cannot be deposited in any federally regulated banks, so who is holding the money? Who is laundering the pot money?
Even deeper than that, why are not the federal G-men asking these very same questions? Are they getting a piece of the action under the table? We honestly hope not!!!
We believe it is time for the State of Nevada to start a domino effect and start showing its books at all levels of government; the people of Nevada have the right to see where the money is as well as where and how it was spent.
It is time to start showing the money and stop taxing the people when the government is making money and is not showing where the money is being used unless they want to make our beautiful Silver State another California.
It is time to stop making it easy for Californians to move in here and rip off our citizens by making Las Vegas another California by buying up buildings at Las Vegas’ going rate and renting the units at California’s astronomical rental price while the elected officials and government employees allow all this to happen.
But let’s not just blame the government and the pothead politicians; casino operators are becoming as greedy and stupid as everyone else. When have we ever heard of casinos charging for parking?
We have another question that is very interesting if someone in the right place could answer it for us: where are the agitators of the Culinary Union Local 226?
Isn’t the parking charge interfering with the hotel’s valet parkers? Why is the Local 226 allowing this to happen instead of starting to instigate the well-paid employees of the Station Casinos or the Palms?
Are the hotel owners more interested in being CEO’s, Chairman of the Board, Presidents, or any other fancy title that the corporations like to use to impress the staff and the people that make the bottom line more productive?
Don’t they realize that the money the tourists, the visitors, the conventioneers, and the gamblers are going to save on valet or public parking they could leave on the tables or in the slots? Who is advising this corporate mafia how to run their gambling halls?
The dealers, the cocktail waitresses, the keno runners, the maids, and every other casino worker wants to have their old Las Vegas back — and if the Corporate Mafia does not know how to do it, then let’s bring back the real mafia.

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