First, Happy Mother’s Day! Then…

By Perly Viasmensky
This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day. I want to wish all mothers in the universe a very happy day. To those who are no longer with us (as my own), I raise a prayer to Our Lord Jesus Christ to keep them in peace. Happy Mother’s Day.
* * * * *
I was shocked when I opened the daily paper to read that former prosecutor Ulrich Smith had killed his girlfriend, Janet Trigg, last
week and then took his own life. I always knew the man was a freak, a thief, an evil man, but never expected him to be a coward.
I was even shocked to read the comments of former District Attorney David Roger, who said that Smith battled demons since he was in the District Attorney’s office. I have no idea how he battled demons when he was the Devil himself. A person only needed to look into Smith blue eyes to see that there was an empty soul inside those eyes; it was like you actually looked inside an empty brain. Evil, plain evil.
He stole money from clients and we now need to wonder how many other things he has stolen while at the District Attorney’s Office besides peoples’ peace of mind, dignity, and integrity.
This man was friends with several police officers who always called on him when they had a vindictive action and retaliation against innocent people. He was always ready to serve — for a price.
Should I say that Our Good Lord Jesus Christ will welcome him into his Kingdom with open hands? Sorry, I believe Satan has welcomed him with open arms.
Did District Attorney Steve Wolfson and criminal defense attorney Robert Langford ever stop to think that Ulrich Smith could have been instrumental in the “supposed and ‘alleged’” suicide of former Deputy District Attorney Steve Hill? I believe they should reconsider their post-mortem” opinions of Ulrich Smith.
* * * * *
Health Care? It’s more like Health Scare Now, I would like the opinion of others regarding medical health care.
Southwest Medical Associates under the direction of Dr. Robert Macbeth was under insurance company Senior Dimensions. Southwest Medical Associates for several months (if not a year) started advertising“Southwest Medical, a part of OptumCare. They never bothered to inform their members as to who or what OptumCare was or what was going to happen in the near future.
People under Senior Dimensions Insurance all of a sudden received a new identification card under United Health Care without even a letter of explanation. Southwest Medical Associates never bothered to inform its members that there are options — they could go along with the decisions of Southwest Medical or they could look for better options.
Southwest Medical Associates plain and simple bullied its clients to United Health Care without the courtesy of a letter informing clients of their decisions and giving those patients the option to go with a better and more professional company.
Southwest Medical Associates never gave its members the options to investigate the supposed United Health Care or to opt for a better insurance company. In the middle of the whole mess is OptumCare.
If you need to contact United Health Care (which we have no clue how to do, but they apparently are located in Arkansas) be ready for the rudest and most incompetent people. They have no record of clients, no documentation of health matters, the telephone representatives treat you as though you are their servants, and patient medical records DO NOT EXIST.
I believe Dr. Robert McBeath is just looking for his personal financial reward but at the expense of hundreds of seniors in the
community. It is necessary for Dr. Robert McBeath and Southwest Medical to open up and explain to members why he threw members toward another company without the courtesy to allow them to chose a better company, with professional representatives and people-oriented employees.
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas

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