Justice is blind and “criminals have rights too”

Raul Moran
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

Raul Moran
Victor Cruz

Law enforcement, judges, prosecutors, and government officials always remind victims and their families that “criminals have rights too”; it happens most of the time when they are not able or do not want to solve the crime they have in front of them or when they do not have the knowledge to solve it. On March 15, 2019, Victor Cruz shot Raul Moran while walking to a nearby apartment building alone and unarmed. Victor Cruz, 25, was arrested by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on a felony charge of battery with a deadly weapon.
However, two days later Raul Moran died at a local hospital, but those who constantly remind the victims and their families that “criminals have rights too” have yet to upgrade the charges against Cruz to murder with a deadly weapon, according to court and jail records.
It is unknown what happened to the police mentality regarding the concept of “criminals have rights too.” Yes, Raul Moran had a criminal record, still he was a member of one of the oldest, most hard-working and respected Cuban families in gaming and in this community. So he had a criminal past, but the police and the prosecutors should remember that “criminals have rights too,” as they always tell us, but the man who cowardly killed him by shooting him in the back of his head — and while he was unarmed — should have, and needs to have, his charges upgraded to murder.
Victor Cruz may know someone in the right place because up to press time his charges have not been upgraded and the criminal record of Raul Moran’s assailant is being hidden by the police and prosecutors alike.
The Las Vegas Tribune was told that “Victor Cruz was placed on House Arrest and is home with his family resting, eating home meals,” yet the online Clark County Detention Center shows him “In Custody” but no one has physically seen him in the local detention center.
While all this is happening to individuals, most likely both with criminal records, authorities turn their back on one of their own.
A former police detective, Pamela Bordeaux, shot her former son-in-law in her home and is kept in the county jail without bail, ignoring her record and her service to the community and the fact that her daughter’s ex-husband was in her house for a one-hour supervised visitation with his son.
Why was the former son-in-law, Sean Babbitt, only allowed to visit his own son one hour a week on a supervised visit and why did it end with ten bullets in his body on the way out of the court-approved visitation at home?
A distinguished retired police detective shot her former son-in-law and she is denied bail and is kept at the Clark County Detention Center where she may run into some of the bad elements she may have confronted, dealt with and maybe even arrested during her long police career.
Sean Babbitt may have been described as a very calm and even “pacifist” type of man by his family to the local media, but the judicial ruling of only a one-hour supervised visitation raises doubts and should be questioned and taken into consideration.
One man with who-knows-what-type of record (because the police investigators are only acknowledging the criminal record of the dead man), killed an unarmed human being by shooting him in the back of the head, and yet he is at home eating dinner and sleeping in his own bed while a former police officer sits in the Clark County Detention Center for shooting her former son-in-law who was not allowed to visit his own son unsupervised.
Family Court in Southern Nevada is well known for crazy, unfair and wild rulings but not often does it rule against a parent, not allowing them to visit their own child unsupervised, if not for a good and legitimate reason; but every day law enforcement and prosecutors remind the community that “criminals have rights too.”
Have a Sunny Day!

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