From the penitentiary to Las Vegas City Hall

Editorial /Our Point of View 
Disgraced former city council Ricki Barlow must be a well-connected fellow who is able to get away with lots of wrongdoing and not be punished; with all the charges Ricki Barlow was facing, he was only given one single month behind bars, making a mockery of our legal system.
But not only that, after that alleged month behind bars, we have not proved that he was really behind bars because the location of his incarceration was not made public and was not given out when it was requested, and Ricki Barlow is coming back to Las Vegas City Hall to work as a lobbyist dealing with the same people he was sitting next to before becoming a convict.
We understand that we all have the right to make a living and we understand that convicted felons have the right to work and be part of society, but why doesn’t he go to become a lobbyist at the Nevada Legislature, the Clark County Government or any other government entity?
Going back to the same place he almost walked out of in handcuffs is like damaging the reputation of the city office he once damaged and might, only might, place the credibility, the integrity and the reputation of his former co-workers in jeopardy.
What is next? A Welcome Back Ricki party? That is the most insulting action disgraced former city council Ricki Barlow could have done to the same people that he once represented and the same people he once worked with, but that is the way politicians work; they don’t believe they ever do anything wrong.
It is our humble opinion that if Ricki Barlow has any kind of decency and any type of consideration for the position he once held he will go to another office to peddle his services instead of putting the reputation and integrity of his former office in jeopardy.
We would like to know who Ricki Barlow’s Godfather is; we would also like to know who is backing and protecting him because we do not think Ricki Barlow has the best interests of his former employer and his former co-workers at heart.
If Ricki Barlow is as good as he wants to tell people he is, he will go peddle his services to another institution where there is no
connection to his previous job that could place doubts in the mind of those who visit city hall and see him speaking to his former co-workers.
The city council usually is a group of politicians that normally stick together like chewing gum to the bottom of a chair; right or wrong they always keep quiet and have no comments when one of them becomes the subject of criticism or is involved in a controversial or even illegal or corrupt investigation.
Perhaps the story of former disgraced city councilman Ricki Barlow — during his saga involving the local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)—has already been forgotten; it ended with a soft slap on the wrist and a ridiculous four-week incarceration in a federal social “home,” if that.
The law requires a one-year waiting period before lawmakers and agency officials can begin lobbying former colleagues, and according to a city spokesperson, Barlow ceased being a city council in January 2018, and the city does not require lobbyists to have a clean record.
What we are trying to relate to in the Barlow case is why he has to become a lobbyist in the city where any communication with the city council could give the wrong impression and the possibility that any move he makes within the city hall could be taken the wrong way.
Let’s make a clear example of what we are trying to put across in the minds of those city council members left in office; and after the June 11 city election, when three new members will take office and because our main industry in Las Vegas is gaming, we will use gaming as an idea of what we want to express here.
Not many casino dealers like the idea of having a family member, a neighbor or a friend sitting at their table game being a winner because it will give the impression to the floor supervisor or any other boss that the dealer is “letting him/her win” so they can split the profit.
The same could apply to a lobbyist in a place where he/she previously worked and now returns to “make deals” with the same people he used to work with and that looks very dubious and questionable because everyone is aware who the lobbyist is and who they may be working for.

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