On Ward One Lois Tarkanian is now out, and Brian K. Knudsen is our choice

We believe Brian K Knudsen is the best choice for city council on Ward One

Every time there is a city council meeting, the mayor or, in her stead, the mayor pro temp, reads a script that in part reads as follows:
Every time Lois Tarkanian sits in the mayor’s seat, she thinks that she is the mayor for real and becomes—not as an imitation of the mayor, but showing her real self — obnoxious, arrogant, nasty and uncontrollable despite her age and despite what she read (as above), she engages in arguments with speakers or with anyone who does not agree with her.
On October 4, 2017, city council/mayor pro-temp Lois Tarkanian abused her power, ignored the rules of the city council and in the absence of Mayor Carolyn Goodman, as Mayor Pro Temp, Lois Tarkanian engaged in a back-and-forth argument with the owner, publisher and founder of this newspaper insulting the newsman and abusing her power, called the city marshals to throw him out of city hall because she, the almighty Tarkanian, did not like Rolando Larraz’s opinion of her, her sidekick, City Council, and another Larraz target, Bob Coffin, and former corrupt city council and puppet of former casino executive Jack Binion when he called them useless elected officials.
Tarkanian now wants to release her seat in the city council to her assistant, Robin Munier, as if the city council position is the private property of those who have been elected to serve the members of each one of those sections of our city.
We are aware that Robin Munier has been doing the job that the citizens of Las Vegas elected Lois Tarkanian to do, but that is not a reason for her to inherit the position that her boss was elected to hold, and it is no one’s fault that she was so ingenious and naive as to do someone’s job without getting the credit due her for working incognito.
The people of Las Vegas will not be well served by electing someone that is dumb enough to work hard and give someone else the credit for that job, as well as our not knowing what the ulterior motives are that made Robin Munier work under such conditions in the first place.
We don’t believe that Robin Munier is the right person for the Ward that has turned into a commercial area because the city councilwoman
and her staff are afraid to enforce the law or because there is some type of benefit one way or the other one coming from people who operate businesses without a license, insurance, or paying taxes to the city or the county in which they reside.
We need to elect a Ward One city council person that has experience but also comes clean and has no hidden motive to run, and that person is Brian K. Knudsen. Brian Knudsen, a former city employee and candidate who lives in the McNeil neighborhood, noted the lots along Charleston are not large
enough to accommodate “major structures, especially on the south side of Charleston.”
Brian Knudsen has over 15 years of experience in city and state governments, not as a ghost for an elected official, as well as time spent as the Chief Executive Officer of a large nonprofit organization and as the owner of a small business.
Brian’s experience covers multiple functions of government and nonprofit organizations and has focused on creating efficiencies, strategic planning, and policy development.
It may be a very rare occasion for this newspaper to endorse a candidate because for a very long time we believed that most politicians used an endorsement to reward “a good job well done,” or “for one’s good service to the community” and those who offer the endorsement are looking for favors in return, for revenue from advertising, and a profit from somewhere around the endorsement.
We are proud to announce that the Las Vegas Tribune is endorsing Brian K. Knudsen because after learning about both candidates, we believe he is the best choice for the people of Ward One.
At the time of this endorsement, we have not met with Brian K. Knudsen, but we have read and learned about both candidates and we believe that he is by far the better choice for the people of Ward One.
We urge the people of Ward One to concentrate on this election and vote for a better future for their neighborhood. But for those who still believe in Cinderella or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, you go ahead and keep “Lois Tarkanian” in office—but when things don’t go as planned, do not come crying to the only newspaper independent enough to defend the rights of all citizens. We already told you what you needed to do.

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