Las Vegas—Sanctuary city or homeless capital of the world

By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune
Much has been said, written, commented on and editorialized about, our city, and consequently about our state, since we are recognized worldwide as the entertainment capital of the world, the gaming mecca of the world, and everything that comes out of Las Vegas is news and is recognized worldwide.
It is a fact that the main industry in Nevada is gaming and even if with the turn of the times other nationwide industries have relocated to Nevada (Las Vegas), the gaming industry remains Nevada’s number one and most recognizable industry.
Perhaps the way the casino and gaming industry operates may not be the most common and most acceptable way of operating a business — any business for that matter — but the way casinos operated for years is the way that makes our city what it is today and trying to deny that is a great mistake.
For years the casinos have operated on a complimentary style to promote the main industry in our famous state, complimentary suites, complimentary airline tickets, complimentary dinners and lavish shows, as well as many other perks; but now the owner of the daily newspaper—who also owns a lavish and profitable convention hall — is using that style of promoting business in Las Vegas and is using all tactics possible to destroy what we already have and enjoy.
It has always been our opinion that people move to Las Vegas because they like what they see, what we have and what we have created, but later they try to make our city what they have left behind, and the elected and public officials allow them to do that, setting a bad example for our future.
Charging for meals, not offering any complimentary items to the customers seated at the twenty-one table or trying their luck on the dice tables is now considered by Las Vegas standards wrong and unethical; charging for parking is “knowing how to answer to the stockholders.”
If that is bad in the eyes of those who have been here from the beginning and have that old-time mentality, imagine if we had to allow criminals to walk around in our city’s main industry, walking in and out of the casinos looking at the ashtrays for money, the bottom of the slot machines to see if anyone might have left some money in its tray, and not being able to do something about it because it can be considered racist and inhumane, as well as being considered a “lawbreaker” action.
The casino industry is going along with the socialists’ mentality of those pushing for sanctuary laws in the Nevada Legislature because they do not want to make waves; they know of Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s anti-Trump mentality.
The elected officials, as well as the community and the casino industry, are dealing on a daily bases with the homeless epidemic and no one is concerned about how to end that obvious bad situation.
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro or LVMPD) under Sheriff Joe Lombardo’s administration no longer detains undocumented immigrants for the federal agency Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
Sheriff Lombardo has made it clear during an interview on local television station Channel 8’s morning show he doesn’t like President Trump and made the decision after an out-of-state court ruling said it was unconstitutional.
Telephone calls to the county were answered by electronic devices on three different telephone numbers directing the callers to leave a message or to call another number that is also answered by another electronic device.
Sanctuary cities are described as “local governments that refuse to help the federal government enforce immigration laws and allow those entering the country illegally to wander around and not be detained.
Adding to the sanctuary stigma, public officials are faced with the homeless situation where the homeless people camp everywhere and no one can say a word. Some block the entrances of luxury casinos that are world-famous, interrupting the ins-and-outs of the guests and customers of the gaming properties.
It is a fact that some homeless, many veterans that have served the country, and others are undergoing hard times and difficult moments while others are under the impression that it is everyone’s fault that they are faced with homelessness and are under the impression that they can do anything and everything.
The majority of the homeless people are very humble and understanding with the rest of the community, but there are others who like to blame everyone for their sad history; they disturb clients in front of their business; they defecate on the side of an open-for-business establishment that paid taxes, has a business license, pays rent, power and contributes in many other ways to the community with little or no help or cooperation from city elected officials.
City Councilman Bob Coffin is too concerned with “downtown beautification,” ignoring the homeless issues that affect his ward and ignoring the fact that unless he finds a solution to avoid the homeless defecating in the “downtown beautification” area, he is going to start looking for bargain toilet paper.

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