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This unauthorized truck stop is in a residential-school zone next Cashman Elementary School
By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

This unauthorized truck stop is in a residential-school zone next to Cashman Elementary School

The woman living across the street of the home occupied by members of this newspaper was caught taking pictures of the home and what was supposed to be a news item — exposing businesses operating in a residential area without a business license with the blessing of City of Las Vegas Code Enforcement Gestapo and the City Councilwoman on Ward One — may become a family feud.
For the last three years, the newspaper has been exposing and denouncing the operation of an auto shop in a residential area with no business license, most likely operating without insurance and paying no taxes to the city or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) while others are mandated to follow the law.
At any given time from Thursday afternoon and during the weekend when city hall is supposed to be close, there is an overload of at least seven cars that are now parked on the side streets including one with no plates and most likely not registered.
Calls made to the city of Las Vegas Code Enforcement officials are not returned on time and, as is obvious, due to the antagonistic relationship between the termed-out elected city councilwoman on that ward, Lois Tarkanian, and the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune, calls made to her office that are always answered by an electronic voice mail seem to be ignored.
Among those automobiles parked on the side streets is a truck with a high tower that could very well have a camera to photograph any house’s back yard or could very easily be used to look at the residents’ home for some unknown purpose. As the crime in Las Vegas rises and the police response minimizes that, that could be of concern to senior citizens and working people living in the area.
A few blocks away from the Lilliput Lane area of concern, on Cameron Street next to Smith’s grocery store, sitting adjacent to Cashman Middle School’s backyard we encounter what looks like a truck stop where several “18-wheeler” are parked, perhaps bringing rats and other animals to the school area, but no one seems to care enough to do anything about that.
During the October 4, 2017 city council meeting, in the absence of Mayor Carolyn Goodman, Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian, acting as Mayor Pro-Tem ordered the city marshals to escort the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune out of the building (and away from the council meeting) and banned Rolando Larraz — who had called Councilwoman Tarkanian, Councilman Bob Coffin and corrupt former city councilman Steve Seroka “useless public officials” on the record and believed it was with the approval, or at least the consent of, the rest of the board. And she did that even though the veteran newsman had been covering the city news for the Las Vegas Tribune for the last 21 years.
Larraz, who is now semi-retired due to health issues and proud of his “old-timer mentality,” tries to maintain the issue as professionally as possible and not involve the females in the household, but now a female who owns the residence where the alleged “mechanic” resides and operates was seen taking pictures of the owner of the Las Vegas Tribune outside his relatives’ home while visiting.
Larraz believes that perhaps Councilwoman Lois Tarkanian and Code Enforcement allowed these lawbreakers just to “get even” with him for not accepting the dictatorial behavior they have been trying to implement in the city and its council board, but some city employees do not agree with that thesis.
Tarkanian is termed-out and is not running for another term, but her thirteen-year-long assistant has thrown her name in the race to continue Tarkanian’s modus operandi of doing nothing for the working class in Ward One and pampering residents in a better financial status in that Ward.
Tarkanian who, according to some city employees, is not seen at work too often unless there is a city council meeting on the agenda, relies and depends on her assistant for most of the working daily operations and decisions in Ward One.

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