We are proud not to be the great pretenders

There are two individuals in the Las Vegas area that keep insisting that this newspaper, the Las Vegas Tribune, is the newspaper that no one reads; well, maybe their husbands repeat such statements, but the fact is that every time we bring up issues that are of concern to the community, or a correction to whatever it is that the newspaper brings up, someone comments or corrects whatever it is we have written about in the newspaper that no one reads.
Most recently we have been bringing to the attention of our readers that the daily newspaper’s so-called investigation of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authorities is not of any ethical or anti-corruption concern, but it could be of business interest value and of use for planning ahead.
The fact that the owner of the Las Vegas daily newspaper carrying such an investigation is also the owner of a convention business that competes directly with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authorities was of interest to us. No one stopped to think about it until we, the small weekly Las Vegas Tribune that “no one reads” pointed it out and in the last two articles about the LVCVA investigation, at the end of the article there is now a disclaimer that the owner of the newspaper may be in direct competition with Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authorities.
For years, even before the present owners acquired the daily, it has been the management’s concern to end any competition the newspaper could or may have. They diligently ended the North Las Vegas Valley Times, and with a little bit of luck on their part, they made the Las Vegas Sun into a “flyer” inside their newspaper, complete with an unknown readership.
Blocking advertisers from utilizing the benefit of advertising in a budget newspaper like Las Vegas Tribune and having their newspaper carriers taking our newspaper from the stores and street racks can tell us that we are doing more than our fair share of work that forced this newspaper to be an online publication only.
All because they wanted to be the only voice in our community and now, following the pattern of the publication, the owner may be doing the same with the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authorities.
Las Vegas used to be like any other normal city with three daily newspapers, two of them running two editions daily, but now we may have the honor of being the only civilized city in the United States with only one newspaper not worth reading.
We, at the Las Vegas Tribune, are very proud of our record, with no one controlling us, with no donations from created interests that could at one time or another bite us in our rear end or interfere with the newspaper’s editorial line, independence, freedom of the press and loyalty to the members of this community.
Everything we do at this newspaper is with the community’s best interest at heart and in our mind. We do not need created interests donating astronomical amounts of money that at any given time could be a conflict of interest and could put our integrity in question.
We are a very small operation, it is true, but every one of us at this newspaper is very proud of our work and every Wednesday morning when the newspaper is sent out to the electronic subscribers we breathe hard, with a sigh of relief; and most important still, we thank each other for a job well done.
When Oscar Goodman announced his intention of running for mayor of Las Vegas, the daily newspaper wrote an editorial titled “Anyone but Oscar.” Las Vegas Tribune counter-attacked that editorial with one of our own titled, “No One But Oscar” because we knew that Oscar was the best choice for our city. When Jon Ralston became a regular in Mayor Goodman’s weekly press conference to antagonize our mayor, the Las Vegas Tribune was there to counterattack Ralston’s stupidities. When a group of attorneys questioned the newspaper’s motive to support attorney Jackie Glass for judge, we ignored their remarks and
supported and endorsed Ms. Glass until she won the race.
Never once has anyone in this organization asked Goodman, Glass or any other person that we have come forward to defend or support for any favor.
For that and many other reasons, we are glad and honored to be the newspaper that “no one reads”; we are here to serve the community, not
t o cover our spouses’ gaming debts or to owe rent money for living in a place we cannot afford.
We are proud not to be the great pretenders.

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