AB401 to tax cars by the  mile

By Chuck Muth
Ever wonder why I so loathe the government and those who enable/grow it? Here’s the latest example…
For DECADES now, since the first gas crisis in the early 70’s, the government has been telling us we need to stop relying on Middle East oil.
It’s also been telling us that gas-powered cars are hurting the ozone layer, destroying the planet, blah, blah, blah.
As such, the government’s been FORCING us all to drive smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. Remember the old family station wagon? Gone!
In addition, the government’s been using tax dollars to subsidize people buying electric cars.
The only up side for consumers, of course, is that buying less gas means paying less in gas taxes.
Which, of course, the government hates. And won’t stand for. It wants it all. And it wants it now.
The party of big, expensive, ever-intrusive nanny-state government is, or course, the Democrats. So it’ll come as no surprise that a bill (AB401) has been introduced by a Nevada State Assembly Democrat, Alexander Assefa, to replace the current fuel tax with a per-mile tax for Nevada automobiles manufactured after 1984. Not just electric cars that don’t pay gas taxes because they don’t use gas. ALL cars.
So instead of conveniently and automatically paying your mandatory tribute to the government every time you fill up your tank, you’re gonna have to calculate your mileage every time you renew your registration using some convoluted “target rate adjustment factor” formula. percent$&#!!!!!
First you forced us to buy smaller death traps that get a gazillion miles per gallon — and now you want to PENALIZE us for it?
Now here’s the thing… This is a MASSIVE proposal for a MAJOR change in how we all go about our everyday lives.
Yet, I’ve scrutinized this guy’s campaign website and I can’t find a single reference to this issue. He didn’t campaign on it. Instead, he blind-sided us all on it. That’s not right. If you want to do something huge like this, tell us BEFORE you get to Carson City, not after.Can you imagine the damage the people would do if we ever allow them to meet in annual sessions?

But you wanna know the worst part? The bill is being co-sponsored by a REPUBLICAN, Assemblyman Al Kramer (Carson City)!

I just happen to have his phone number and email address here… (775) 721-5865 Al.Kramer@asm.state.nv.us

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