Las Vegas City Manager at odds with some council members

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
Today’s city council meeting promised to be exciting and opening the door to a new future for the city of Las Vegas; just last week Las Vegas Tribune’s editorial ended with a sad statement from the management of the newspaper when it concluded that “As we see it, the future of the city council board is very uncertain and there may be little hope,” but now the hope that the city manager may be on the way out the door may change those clouds for the city and its residents.
For years the city manager, as well as the city attorney, have maintained in control of the city by having one or more members of the city council under their wings for one reason or another with some members of the council even being afraid of retaliation from either of those officeholders.
The city council is supposed to be above the office of the city manager and the city attorney, but both officeholders are under the impression that they are the bosses according to how they behave, creating a hostile working environment.
In a post on his Facebook page, Scott Adams, the city manager, posted that Councilwoman Michele Fiore requested an emergency addition of an item to reconsider “my contract”; the post was later taken down, but the Addendum was still scheduled for today’s meeting.
Addendum: “Discussion for possible action regarding the review and renewal and or modification of the employment agreement with Scott D. Adams, City Manager, as provided for in Section 2 Subsection D…”
Councilwoman Fiore reminded City Manager Adams that there is no emergency in today’s addendum; it is what the contract between the city and the employee stated, “If I wouldn’t have requested your contract to be put in this particular agenda then your contract would automatically renew for two years beginning on July 6, 2019.”
Councilwoman Fiore also reminded City Manager Scott Adams that as July 3rd of this year there would be three new councils, and told Adams the Councilman Crear and she did not vote for him; As she actually stated it, “Now as of July 3rd 2019 we will have three new members and councilman Crear, and myself DID NOT VOTE FOR Scott Adams, which mean there will be five members of the Council out of seven which did not choose or vote for you. The City Manager works directly for The Council. Your contract states we need to review 90 days before renewal, which is our next City Council meeting. No emergency Mr. Adams, just timely. Your post Mr. Adams lacks integrity, and you wonder why I have request a review, your Facebook post speaks very
loudly of your character.”
The online post of the city regular meeting scheduled for today, Wednesday April 3rd 2019, reads like “Addendum — Employment Agreement with City Manager: The city entered into an employment agreement with Scott D. Adams, as City Manager, on May 17, 2017. Per Section 2, Term, Subsection D, in the event written notice is not given by either party to this agreement to the other ninety (90) prior the termination date as provided, the agreement shall be extended on the same terms and conditions provided for an additional period of two years. This item allows council to review the agreement and decide to renew, with or without modifications, or not renew.”
The regular city council meeting scheduled for the first and third Wednesday of each month conflict with the Las Vegas Tribune Wednesday’s dateline for most likely the result of this important meeting will be posted on the newspaper’s online edition to keep the citizens informed on what may be a controversial one for the first time, as we know, a member of the city council bravely confronts the city manager. Have a Sunny Day!

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