City Election is on. Really?

As we see it, the future of the city council board is very uncertain and there may be little could be for the birds
As we see it, the future of the city council board is very uncertain and there may be little hope and … it could be for the birds


It is election time for all of those who live inside the Las Vegas city limits, but it seems like most candidates are following the pattern of their current elected candidates, which is ignoring their constituents, voters or the very ones who can put them in the position they want.
It seems that every candidate, without exception, is already becoming secluded from the people of Las Vegas. And with the exception of one candidate, none of them have answered their telephone calls or e-mails or used any other methods of communication. One, Margarita Rebollar, does not list an e-mail, a telephone number, or even a plain old postal address.
How do they expect the voters to learn about them; how do they expect to tell the voters how they are planning to behave if they are elected? This is a mystery and shows little concern for the community, and has from the very beginning.
One candidate in Ward One is already in the system working for useless Lois Tarkanian, who is the current city council already term-limited, and if the residents of Ward One are not careful she will still be working for the city collecting a paycheck as she has done all her life, ever since she moved to Las Vegas.
Tarkanian’s assistant of fourteen years, Robin Munier, is running for her boss’s position and we have learned that she is planning to keep her current boss as her “adviser” (assistant) creating another “All in the Family” television show.
Munier is already an expert on ditching phone calls or any other type of communication with Tarkanian, and if her old boss becomes her “adviser,” she would not have to train her for the job since they both know the ropes.
Ward Two does not have a primary; they had a special election to fill the seat left vacant by a corrupt, perverted gaming lawyer-puppet of Jack Binion who was accused of sexual misconduct with a subordinate he was sharing a hotel room with him in the nation’s capital during a business trip; they were apparently “sharing a hotel room” to save the city traveling expenses, and he was forced to resign his position.
A “special election” means there would not be a primary election; the “special election” allows voters to choose a replacement for the local “Bill Clinton,” whose wife was in Las Vegas while he played “democrat politician.”
None of the Ward Two candidates were able to speak on their own behalf, so the voters in Ward Two were able to learn about the one person who is hoping to replace the former Ward Two city council.
Most likely all three hopeful candidates in Ward Two assumed, on their own, that by having a female candidate it would give them an open-and-shut opportunity to become the next city council.
In the Ward Three race, one candidate, Olivia Diaz, raised money “to serve” the people in an Assembly District and a few days after being reelected, she stepped down to run for city council Ward Three, perhaps urged to do so by Godfather Harry Reid (no insult to the real mob Godfather intended) without an apology to her former constituents.
Then there is another Harry Reid stepchild named Ruben Kihuen who also had him for an example and a political “teacher”; and don’t forget the first Harry Reid protegee, Dario Herrera.
Kihuen became infamous during his time at the Nevada Legislature for disrespecting women and acting in an abusive way with women working for him and perhaps in the state capitol in general until he moved his modus operandi to his campaign headquarters and to his Nevada congressional staff in the nation’s capital.
Kihuen chose to give up his Nevada Congressional seat by not running for a second term, but now he is insulting the voters in the city of Las Vegas by running for the office left vacant by Seroka’s partner in crime, Bob Coffin, who claims to be “too sick” to keep his lifelong paychecks coming (signing them on the back) from taxpayers.
There is no need to comment on the Ward Five election. After the city was forced to remove its despicable, disgraceful Democrat “peon” Ricky Barlow, the city found the perfect “minority” to replace him and there is no need to take a chance by finding someone else that can be controversial and cause a headache.
As we see it, the future of the city council board is very uncertain and there may be little hope…

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