Wards One, Two and Three: Choose wisely

Our Point of View
This is the time for the City of Las Vegas to correct all the mistakes the Board has ever made or allowed anyone else to make; this election can be the breaking point, not only for those elected officials and appointed executives but also for the people who are very proud of being Las Vegas residents.
Three very problematic, complicated and damaging individuals are leaving the City Council Board: Steve Seroka, Bob Coffin, and Lois Tarkanian — Seroka and Coffin under dubious clouds and legal issues that could affect the city’s reputation.
Regardless of what anyone on that Board’s opinion may be, we believe that the Board, as a whole, has some ulterior motives for who they want to join their little clique; they need someone who can be a team player and someone who will not disrupt the so-called perfect little routine they had all created, otherwise the councilman representing Ward 5 would not be sitting there today.
We believe that the city of Las Vegas City Council should allow the people of Las Vegas, the residents of those respective Wards, to pick and choose the person who they believe is the right person to represent them.
By taking that option, the city will be exempt from being found guilty of whatever wrongdoing the rest of the Board is involved in during their tenure, long or short, as city officials embarrassing the city and the Board as it did happen with Steve Seroka (who recently resigned from a position he should never have been in, depriving the residents of Las Vegas from an honest, decent public servant like Bob Beers).
On October 4, 2017, Councilwoman Tarkanian, using the public opinion segment during the October 4, 2017 Council meeting, accused the Las Vegas Tribune owner of being a racist and ordered the City Marshals to escort the newsman out of “HER” city council meeting, while she was substituting for Mayor Goodman as Mayor Pro-Tem, after Larraz called her and Councilman Bob Coffin corrupt and useless city officials.
City officials or elected officials getting involved in election issues is not the best move at this point for those in the Ward Two race; we admire City Councilwoman Michelle Fiore’s loyalty to her personal friend, Victoria Seaman, but she should stay out of that race and mind her own business; after all, she does not live in Ward Two.
Two letters written to Mayor Carolyn Goodman asking for her position on a veteran newsman being thrown out of a public office and even banning him from future entrance in his capacity of gathering news for publication were never answered or acknowledged, giving the impression that she is not informed of what happens in city hall when she is not there, or that her letters may have been hacked.
We do not claim to be mind readers and we do not call ourselves “experts in politics”; in fact we are far from being “experts in politics,” but we believe that the residents of the city, the constituents of the respective wards, should have a choice to elect their representatives with no other elected officials trying to pull
their friends in to the seat next to them or a few seats away from them on the same board.
It is our humble opinion that the people of Las Vegas should not be forced to have former Nevada Senator Harry Reid seated on their city council board, and that is exactly what they would have—Harry Reid sitting on the city of Las Vegas Council, if they are misled by electing either Ruben Kihuen or Olivia Diaz as their next Ward Three representative.
Olivia Diaz misled the voters of Nevada Assembly District 11 when she successfully ran for reelection in 2018 and immediately resigned to run for City Council Ward Three voluntarily vacated by Bob Coffin claiming health issues.
Ruben Kihuen left the U.S. Congress after sexual misconduct allegations. Now, ignoring the embarrassing issue, he’s running for Las Vegas City Council like nothing happened and showing, in our opinion, a disrespect for the residents of Ward Three by throwing his hat in the ring, ignoring the despicable accusations either filed or made public by many members of his staff, supporters or volunteers in his campaign.
Ruben Kihuen has chosen not to run for a second term in his congressional seat but shows that no rumors or accusations will stop him from running for a seat in the Ward Three race.
It is our deepest concern that perhaps Kihuen or Diaz, or both, are controlled and manipulated by former Nevada Senator Harry Reid and he would be calling the shots if either of them were to be elected.
Perhaps voters in Ward Three should be given a second look at David Lopez’ history and should choose him to be the next Ward Three city council.
Olivia Diaz and/or Ruben Kihuen are not the right choice for Ward Three; both may be under the dangerous spell of a dangerous Harry Reid.
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