Bob Coffin is “running out” due to “illness,” opening the door for Ruben?

time to sweep the corruption money

My Point of View
By Rolando Larraz

Time to sweep the corruption money

Another miserable visit to the doctor’s office driving me crazy; no matter how many times I visit the doctor’s office, it is always the same result, and that is because I do not understand the medical system that we have in Nevada. I said Nevada because I don’t go to doctors in any other state; however, I should consider myself lucky. I have two very good doctors and the third one “thinks” she has seen me before after two years of seeing me. I can consider myself lucky to have them, but it is the system that operates and rules the medical system in Nevada.
Lucky I am, because as I understand the system, old people do not have doctors any more; we have people who are called “medical providers,” or “nurse practitioners,” which I assume are those who used to be called interns, people that have graduated and are “practicing” or getting “on the job training,” but no one is by their side telling them how right or wrong they are doing in their training.
At least some of those front desk receptionists already know me and give me the good morning greeting before asking me for insurance and ID card.
The waiting time is getting slowly shorter with every visit, I don’t know if it is because they want to get rid of me sooner or because they know I do not like to wait; of course the waiting time in the “closet” with those scary pictures of diseases still feel the same, but as soon as the doctor walks in and we start talking about his kids, his political ideas and my illness, I forget about the waiting time.
What does not change is the prescriptions routine — always it is a new set of pills and when I ask if I should stop taking the others, the answer is always the same: “Oh no, keep taking the others and add these new ones now.”
When I first started visiting my two good doctors (I am not mentioning the third one because she never remembers who I am and confuses me with some old Iranian man) I had to take two pills a day, but now I lost count how many are there to take and I look like a drug store on foot or on wheels if I am in a car. I am glad that they all have my name, my address and the doctor’s name because if I ever get stopped, the officer would have a field day.
But enough about me and my doctors’ visit; let’s talk about the Las Vegas Tribune improvement and the good job our new superstar, Comiesha Monica is doing with the television newscast and the social media (I hate the word “social”) even if I don’t see any social event on it, but it is okay if it sounds like the Buenavista Social Club on Mulberry Street in Little Italy in New York City.
Comiesha Monica has taken over the news department and the social media of Las Vegas Tribune and is putting the newspaper back on the map, she is great and she is capable of much more; I am very happy. Gee! I sound like President Trump complimenting someone, “she is great,” “she is doing a good job,” “I know she is doing a good job; I am very happy,” and I add on my own — I hope she keeps doing a good job.
I am thrilled that Steve Seroka, the man that Jack Binion and Frank Schreck hired to be a Las Vegas City Council, is gone; it is a shame that those greedy people have deprived the people of Ward Two of the best public official Las Vegas had in a long time and now we, the residents of Las Vegas, don’t even have to take the broom out and sweep the other two pieces of trash out — Lois Tarkanian is termed out and Bob Coffin is “running out” due to “illness,” opening the door for Ruben, until he finds some other place to “be elected” and collect more taxpayers’ money without doing anything else but making deals for himself.
The future of Las Vegas looks a little more bright and hopefully, the people of Ward One, Ward Two and Ward Three will have the common sense to elect the right people this time.
The people of Las Vegas might have learned their lesson and realized that once corrupt politicians are elected and they sit in their new positions it is very difficult to get them out. I hope they have learned their lesson and choose the right people in this upcoming election, and if at all possible, DO NOT vote early.
Remember, folks, what I always said: we do not know what happens to the votes when you vote early; with all my respect to Mr. Joe Gloria, I do not trust the election system in Nevada; if the election system would be a good system we wouldn’t have had some of the “elected” officials that we had at one time or another.
If the election system would have been a good one, we would never have had a Governor Brian Sandoval and the county commission would not have
been the same for the last twenty-some years, but thank God some of the offices have a term limit.
My name is Rolando Larraz, and as always, I approved this column.
* * * * *
Rolando Larraz is Editor in Chief of the Las Vegas Tribune. His column appears weekly in this newspaper. To contact Rolando Larraz, email him
at: or at 702-272-4634.

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