Venezuela is not the only danger to Democracy in the US, Mr. President

If communist is so good why the caravans coming here and don't go to Venezuela? Unknown author.
If communism is so good why the caravans coming here and don’t go to Venezuela? BY Unknown author.

The press release came to us from the horse’s mouth; it came direct from the White House, announcing that “President Trump is expelling all Venezuelan officials loyal to Maduro from America,” putting additional pressure on the regime to follow democratic norms.
It makes us wonder why Venezuela is the only concern for President Donald Trump, taking into consideration that the Las Vegas Tribune has been a loyal supporter of the president since way before he announced that he would run for president of this great nation, and Las Vegas Tribune was founded by a Cuban-born family that took exile before living in a communist regime.
The Las Vegas Tribune offices have been vandalized several times by communists living in Las Vegas. Why? For being strong supporters of Donald J. Trump and his candidacy for president of the United States; for having for the first time ever signs on our building supporting the Trump-Pence team even if the newspaper ownership does not believe in or support Vice President Mike Pence.
Charles Munos, the man in charge of the Trump-Pence headquarters in Las Vegas, disliked the Las Vegas Tribune because we questioned who, why and how he got to be in charge of representing a man like Donald Trump in Nevada and Arizona; on more occasions than we can count he disrespected and ignored the Las Vegas Tribune because the newspaper did not believe in him and the newspaper criticized the fact that he had the job because of his wife’s connection to the State Republican Party Chairman, Michael J. McDonald. All made phone calls and all pushed for him to have that job.
But besides all that, the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper and any subsidiary the newspaper owned have been loyal and unquestionably strong supporters of Donald J. Trump and President Donald J. Trump.
However, our support for the Trump administration cannot stop us from asking the right questions and one question we cannot stop asking is why only Venezuela? We love Venezuela, we love the people of Venezuela and we did love President-General Marcos Perez Jimenez but we have to wonder who is whispering in the ears of President Donald Trump about Venezuela.
It is because of the oil? Is it because Cuba has nothing to offer now that we have no need for cigars and sugarcane?
The Trump administration is expelling dozens of officials loyal to Venezuelan strongman Nicolas Maduro from the United States, a top administration official announced Friday.
“Maduro supporters that abuse or violate human rights, steal from the Venezuelan people or undermine Venezuela’s democracy are not welcome in the United States,” Special Envoy Elliott Abrams told reporters at the State Department. “Neither are their family members, who enjoy a privileged lifestyle at the expense of liberty and prosperity of millions of Venezuelans.”
What about “Castro’s supporters that abuse or violate human rights, steal from the Venezuelan people or undermine Cuban’s democracy are not welcome in the United States.”
Why is it that Mirela Castro Spin, the daughter of Cuba’s killer Raul Castro, is allowed to enter this country every time she feels like jumping on an airplane and flying to Rodeo Drive for a shopping spree? How do we know that Mirela Castro is not coming here to brainwash the minds of the American people while coming in and out of every Rodeo Drive store the same way her uncle (Fidel Castro) and her father Raul brainwashed the American politicians who helped the Castro brothers to defeat the government of an ally named Fulgencio Batista by giving arms and ammunition to the Castros through the Guantanamo Bay Base and in the same way the Democrats under John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s presidency betrayed the brave fighters of the Brigade 2506 during the attack of Playa Giron and Bay of Pigs by refusing to fulfill the air help they had promised to the fighters.
Is the United States of America afraid of the Castro Crime Family? Well, let us remind the American people that the only reason Venezuela’s Maduro is still in power in Venezuela is that the army and the intelligence forces in Venezuela are controlled by Cubans and Cuban expertises in revolutionary strategies; in fact without the Cubans, Maduro and Venezuelans would not exist. “Fighting socialism in the Western Hemisphere is essential to the security of Americans” the White House says, but first Castro has to be taken out of Cuba, because Cuba is the poison of the universe.

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