The race for Ward One should be the end of the Tarkanian era

Jessie Holder City Council candidate Jesse “Jake” Holder, is running for City Council Ward One,
By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune

Jessie Holder City Council candidate
Jesse “Jake” Holder, is running for City Council Ward One,

I just got off the telephone with one of the many people running for the Ward One seat in the now-in-effect city election with only two weeks before early voting.
Those who know me and are aware of my lifelong publishing work are aware that I don’t lie. “I always tell the truth; even when I lie, I tell the truth.” As much as I would like to take credit for it, it is not my own saying; it is what Al Pacino said in the movie “Scarface.”
Friday I had the pleasure of speaking with City Council candidate Jesse “Jake” Holder, who is running for City Council Ward One, where
the disgraceful incumbent, Lois Tarkanian, has been seated for the last fourteen years.
Holder may be a decent human being because he refers to Grandma Tarkanian’s time in the city council as “dedicated service,” but he did not explain that it was a dedicated service for her own benefit and the benefit of her own group of followers, fans, beneficiaries, or even her clan.
This guy Holder must be a decent man because he does not mention that now the Tarkanian clan wants to keep the dynasty in effect by pushing
for her assistant of twelve years, a woman by the name of Robin Munier, to replace her and most likely be hire  as “adviser to the councilwoman,” but of course I did not know that Holder is a Democrat, a conservative Democrat, but a Democrat nevertheless.

“Dedicated” may have been used the wrong way, Mr. Holder, since dedicated is when people do things and sacrifice for a reason or a cause, a city or a country, but not when their dedication is to serve themselves, such as people like Lois Tarkanian, and after carefully reading your flyer, I may be wondering if there may be some ulterior motive for you to be running for the same office that thanks to term limits, Tarkanian cannot run again.
Because Lois Tarkanian is termed out, she wants to make sure that whoever is going to replace her is someone that can secure a job for
her with the city at least for the next four years. First she was hoping that her daughter-in-law was going to run, and that would have been a person that could secure her a job in city hall; her twelve-year assistant, Robin Munier, is also running, and I have learned that there is a third person that could be in line to secure her job in city hall if any of these people win the election.
Unfortunately for Grandma Tarkanian, there is a tiny little newspaper called the Las Vegas Tribune that will do anything and everything to
make sure that Lois Tarkanian is not able to collect another day’s salary after election day and anyone who is running for city council Ward One with the idea to give the old lady a job must keep it very secret because Las Vegas Tribune will expose it in a lead front page article so the voters of Ward One know that Ms. Tarkanian is willing to trick them for a job in city hall.
But, I like this Holder guy; we spoke for a very long time, and for me to speak for a half hour is a long time, especially with a man that I never heard of before, did not know who he was, and I am the one who initiated the telephone call and the conversation.
I thanked Holder for his service to the country, for the American people and I have to admit that the more I listened to him the more I liked him and the more I hoped to meet with him soon; he scared me when he reminded me that we are only ten days away from early voting and my readers know how I feel about early voting—where the election could or may be rigged if they have a chance and one does not have the
opportunity to correct their voting if anything appears to be wrong with one voting choice.
Perhaps we should start exhorting the community to forget about early voting and start exercising the most important duty any American
citizen has: voting the day we are supposed to vote, and not under the convenience of while we are out shopping, as though we cannot sacrifice ourselves for an hour or two or so to vote.
Clark County (Las Vegas is in Clark County) is known for making “mistakes” during elections, and once an early vote is cast, it is very difficult to change that vote.

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