Assisted suicide bill require doctors to lie

By Thomas Mitchell
What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. In Senate Bill 165, which is intended to make assisted suicide legal in Nevada, the phrase “assisted suicide” appears but once.
That’s when it states the proposal would not require a physician to “Condone, authorize or approve mercy killing, euthanasia or assisted suicide.” The bill prefers language like “peaceful and dignified death” for persons with terminal illnesses.
It also requires doctors to lie on death certificates and report the cause of death was due to the terminal illness and not the self-administered controlled substance that caused the death and that it was not suicide or homicide.
This does seem to set up a conflict with existing law that requires: NRS 259.050 Investigation into cause of death; inquest.
1. When a coroner or the coroner’s deputy is informed that a person has been killed, has committed suicide or has suddenly died under such circumstances as to afford reasonable ground to suspect that the death has been occasioned by unnatural means, the coroner shall make an appropriate investigation.
Pay no heed to the fact Nevada is the state that has not put a death row inmate to death in years because the pharmaceutical company that makes one of the controlled substances objected. Might companies object to having their products used in this manner?
Further, the bill requires insurance companies to sell life insurance to those contemplating “assisted” suicide and does not allow insurers to deny claims to beneficiaries of someone who has committed “assisted” suicide. Additionally, it makes null and void any life insurance policy provisions now or in the future that would deny claims for those who committed “assisted” suicide. What will that cost?
Selling life insurance to the suicidal is like selling fire insurance to someone whose house is on fire. Well, they must sell health insurance to those with pre-existing conditions.
This might also pose a problem for those keeping track of just how many people have actually died due to certain illnesses.

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