Seroka messed up big time in a short time

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune
Just days before one of our nation’s most celebrated veteran’s holidays, one of our Las Vegas veterans, a current public official, shamed veterans who have fought and given their lives to our country.
The incident occurred on Thursday, November 8, 2018, at the 12th Annual IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America) Heroes Gala in New York. The evening was billed as being a source of “patriotism and inspiration” and took place at the Classic Car Club in Manhattan at Hudson River Park’s Pier 76 in New York City, a venue that was to exemplify the modern, innovative IAVA.
The Las Vegas Tribune has learned through informed sources that Steve Seroka and a professional staff member, an employee of the City of Las Vegas, known as a Special Assistant to the Councilman, attended the event and left the event together, only for both to wake up together in Seroka’s room, when the victim realized she had been sexually seduced by the Las Vegas elected Councilman. With respect to the victim, her name is being withheld from this story.
The Las Vegas City Attorney’s office has opened an inquiry into a “human resources complaint” against Seroka filed by this close aide.
Sources tell the Tribune that his close associate has not shown up at City Hall for her job for nearly a month now, as these rumors have
swirled around City Hall like wildfire. City officials are not talking and not making the details public.
Calls to Seroka, City Attorney Brad Jerbic, and the Public Information Director, David Riggleman, as well as the aide have not been returned;
in fact, the aide hung up the phone on Las Vegas Tribune when contacted on her city-issued cell phone. A phone call to Councilman Steve Seroka was referred to the city Human Resource Department and not the Public Information Office, as is customary.
City insiders tell the Tribune that Seroka has not been showing up for work, except for city council meetings, but when present, he has shown
definite signs of fatigue and depression. Insiders tell us that $200,000 in hush money is being offered as emergency meetings behind
closed doors take place. City Attorney Brad Jerbic is standing behind attorney-client privilege and not revealing details. Word is, as this
publication goes to press, that a resignation letter from Seroka is forthcoming.
This is not the first time Steve Seroka has been accused of sexual misconduct. In court documents in October 2005, in Fairfax, Virginia,
Seroka’s ex-wife — Patricia Seroka, an honorable veteran — filed charges against Seroka after he deserted and abandoned his wife and
family. Court documents show that Seroka “immersed himself in internet pornography, spending hours and hours in front of a computer viewing pornography websites in front of his children. When confronted by this incident, Steve Seroka called his wife a bitch and a whore. Court documents show that when asked about these incidents, Steve Seroka took the Fifth.
The problems continue to mount for Steve Seroka, as he faces a vigorous recall effort by Laborers Local 872, an ethics complaint, numerous lawsuits, including disorderly conduct, as well as multiple suits against the city of Las Vegas for Badlands matters made worse by him. It is estimated the City of Las Vegas is on the hook for close to $2 million in lawsuits and millions in city resources, and the city
faces an inverse condemnation suit that could cost taxpayers close to half a billion dollars.
Jack Binion and Frank Schreck, opponents and residents of the multi-million dollar homes in Queensridge, have funded Seroka. Seroka, in rewarding his rich donors, has been a fierce critic of EHB Development plans for development on the now-defunct golf course. EHB
received the green light to build by the Las Vegas Planning Commission, Las Vegas City Staff and a court ruling by the Honorable Douglas Smith, only to be opposed by Seroka and several of his nefarious attempts to stop the developer. Reports of Seroka authorizing city resources to use a metro helicopter to spy on the eveloper, to making public claims like, “Over my dead body will I allow this project to move forward,” are just a few of the efforts to deprive EHB Companies of their property rights. All this has happened in just 2 short years since the councilman was elected.

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