Seroka is out…gone

By Sunny Day

Steve Seroka is out…gone

At press time Steve Seroka is no longer city council and ended the tumultuous two years he has created within city hall. Seroka has been a problematic and useless elected official who has damaged the reputation of the city council board and the entire city hall.

Seroka and his buddy and partner in crime, Bob Coffin, have been the subject of several legal attacks for their outrageous behavior and the cause of a recall by a group of conservatives.

Former Councilman Seroka claimed to be dedicated to improving public safety across the city of Las Vegas as well as creating initiatives that support and strengthen the business community, but he has been in the spotlight due to controversy and scandals since day one.

Steve Seroka claimed to have an open-door policy and would welcome dialogue with developers who want to build in Ward 2, but the open door policy seems to be for those who strictly believe and support the councilman controlled by Jack Binion and gaming attorney Frank Schreck.

The acts and conduct of Seroka were malicious, willful and intentional and warrant the imposition of punitive damages in an amount sufficient to punish and deter Seroka from such conduct in the future.

Unfortunately, the group that wishes to replace Seroka does not count with the credibility and the trust of the majority of the voters in Ward 2.

Remember Victoria Seaman? She played the same game as Olivia Diaz just played, running for one position, and as soon as she won, she enlisted herself to become a state senator, but lost and has not been able to get reelected ever since.

Victoria Seaman who has “volunteered” herself to replace Seroka is not much different than Seroka and the people of Ward 2 will not know how long she will be available to serve them because she may want to run for a higher office once she replaces Seroka and she becomes the new city councilwoman.

As previously stated in the Las Vegas Tribune, “We are referring to former Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman who, after only a few months in her assembly seat, decided to run for State Senator; then after losing that race, she jumped over to run for a congressional seat only to hand it over to a perennial loser by the name of Danny Tarkanian.”

If Victoria would have stayed in that race we might have a Republican Congresswoman instead of what we have now. I have no idea who may be advising her in her political career, but it seems to me that whoever it is doesn’t have Victoria’s best interest at heart.

We believe and have previously stated in the Las Vegas Tribune, “Victoria, in our personal opinion, needs the title of city councilwoman for her political advancement. It is easy to run for a higher office when one is already sitting in an elected seat, which leads the politically uneducated and somewhat naive voters to assume that such a person is the voters’ choice and ‘should’ be a good candidate.”

Later Victoria Seaman decided to run for Congress on the Republican ticket but the insecure and unstable candidate listened to, at the time, her opponent and withdrew her candidature, leaving the door open for a perennial loser by the name of Danny Tarkanian, who of course lost to a Democrat. If Victoria Seaman would have followed her instincts and would have stayed in that race, today Nevadans would have at least one Republican Congresswoman.

It is our humble opinion that Nevada voters have lost trust in Victoria Seaman and soon she will become another Danny Tarkanian who is always running and always losing after convincing the same group of donors to donate to his campaign.

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