Ramos barked up the wrong Venezuela tree

Jorge Ramos from Univision
By Alexandra Cohen
Las Vegas Tribune

Jorge Ramos from Univision

Univision reporter Jorge Ramos thought he could play the same “tough reporter” he plays with President Donald Trump in the United States while in Venezuela interviewing Nicolas Maduro, but the communist dictator taught him differently.
Last weekend during a sit-down interview with Cuban-trained dictator Maduro, Ramos tried to pull the same bravado he played with the President of the United States and ended up being thrown off the set.
Along with Ramos, the network confirmed journalists María Martínez, Claudia Rondón, Francisco Urreiztieta, Juan Carlos Guzmán, Martín Guzmán were also detained for two hours.
Ramos told Sean Hannity of Fox News Network that Maduro cut the interview short when the anchor showed him footage of children picking through garbage on the street thinking that he could play the same sting he likes to play back in the United States.
During an August 2015 press conference in Iowa, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos attempted to  ask  the  front runner  for  the  Republican presidential nomination, Donald Trump, a question about Trump’s proposal to deport undocumented immigrants from the United States.
Ramos, whose daughter has been part of the campaign staff of Hillary Clinton and who has worked for Barrack Obama’s White House in the
office of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, has created a name for himself by being an open critic of the American president and has crossed the line a few times to the point where even members of the media have distanced themselves from Ramos and his network.
Even if Ramos had only faked being adversarial, the narrative condemned him for flouting a relatively new journalistic tradition of impartiality that does not anger advertisers or alienate an audience. The field may have reached the point where reporting aggressively is a troublesome anachronism.
All Jorge Ramos bravado is inside a nation that regardless of how short the freedom of the press may be there is the opportunity to ask questions even if some time journalists don’t get the right or desired answers to their questions.
There is no record that Jorge Ramos ever tried to interview any of the Castros ruling the Caribbean island of Cuba; there will not be bravado of any kind there; with a little luck, he will be thrown in prison if not taken to a firing squad and killed.
Ramos married Gina Montaner, whom he met during the late ’80s. She is the daughter of the exiled Cuban author named Carlos Alberto Montaner, one of the most respected Latino journalists of our era.
Their marriage ended in 1999, allegedly, but not confirmed, after Ramos became legal in the United States. They had a daughter, Paola, who was born in 1988. After their split, Gina moved to Spain with their daughter, but unexplained circumstances later led to Paola’s working at the White House in the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden’s wife and working on the campaign staff of Hillary Clinton.
That Cuban system may be the reason why the American government, regardless of party affiliation, has not tried to liberate the one-time allied nation as they are doing so well today with Venezuela, begging the question of why now?
In 1955 then-Venezuela president, General Marcos Perez Jimenez, was an ally of the United States, and, as we were told, a graduate of West Point Academy and made his country a very productive and successful country. However, the United States under (Republican) Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower helped a socialist (in those days communism was not that well known) named Romulo Betancourt to destroy one of the most
beautiful countries in Latin America.
Later, in the early sixties, another United States president, Democrat John Fitzgerald Kennedy, arrested General Perez Jimenez and housed him
in the Dade County Detention Center like a regular common criminal until he was deported back to his own Venezuela Country to please then-communist Betancourt.

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