Barlow’s bad behavior, Seroka’s smutty shocker


The city council usually is a group of politicians that normally stick together like chewing gum to the bottom of a chair; right or wrong they always keep quiet and have no comments when one of them becomes the subject of criticism or is involved in a controversial or even illegal or corrupt investigation.
A good example of that is the story of former disgraced city councilman, Ricki Barlow, during Barlow’s saga with the local Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that ended on a soft slap on the wrist and a ridiculous two-week incarceration in a federal social home.
At that time no one member of the city council offered the community or Barlow’s constituents an honest apology or an excuse for his despicable criminal behavior; not one single word was issued by any of the members of the elite club known as the city council.
On February 1, 2019, two Las Vegas residents, Kenneth McLin, and Hiram Glenn, were startled by extremely loud banging on the driver’s side window of a truck owned by Laborers International Union of North America, Local 872, which displayed signs advocating the recall of City Councilman Steve Seroka from his position as Councilman.
The individual continued to hit the truck window while repetitively yelling at McLin and Glenn in a voice loud enough for others to hear to “move this f***ing truck right now,” and to “get out of the f***ing parking lot now.” Others later identified the individual as sitting city council Steve Seroka.
After Seroka turned to walk away, McLin attempted to get out of the truck. Seroka turned around, and stood face to face with McLin and continued to scream at McLin to move the truck, using more profanity and threatening language.
The city of Las Vegas councilman returned to his vehicle, pulled it up to approximately 20 feet away from McLin, and continued his profane tirade. The incident was witnessed and heard by a few Costco employees and several other members of the public.
The shameful scene is an embarrassment not only to the city council, but also to the entire city of Las Vegas, but not one single member of the council has come forward to apologize for the disgraceful, unethical and unprofessional behavior by a member of their own political group.
Perhaps the city council does not have the authority to correct Seroka’s behavior; they may not have the authority to scold him or even reprimand a fellow councilman, because he is an elected official — and the only punishment must come from the voters — but they can step up and ask him to publicly apologize to the voters of his Ward and the city of Las Vegas, in general.
Unless, of course, the city has someone by the name of David Roger, the former Clark County District Attorney who left his job because he “wanted to spend more time with his newborn baby” and then got himself two brand new jobs; because Roger did not like the then-duly elected County Recorder, he took it upon himself to fire her even if she was an elected official.
Perhaps the City Manager should have a pep talk with Steve Seroka to tell him to stop acting like a spoiled child throwing tantrums in public because he doesn’t get what he wants when he wants it; Councilman Seroka needs to be reminded that he is a member of the board of city council and his behavior reflects on the entire organization.
His behavior is embarrassing and shameful and it should not and must not be tolerated by anyone in City Hall regardless of how much they like Steve Seroka.
The Las Vegas city council refused to apologize to this newspaper when city councilwoman Lois Tarkanian disrespected, insulted, embarrassed and verbally abused the legit owner, publisher and editor in chief of this newspaper, a legit business license holder and, likely or not, recognized member of the media with many years of service in the community and, even if we have not forgotten, we have let it go for now, but now we demand that the city and every single member of the council apologize for the immature behavior of one of them, Councilman Seroka.

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