Title needed for political advancement.

My Point of View

By Rolando Larraz

I know very well how much people like to instigate and push the envelope when they want to start very controversial issues, and definitely, the most controversial issue in the city of Las Vegas right now is the recall effort taking place to push City Councilman Steve Seroka out of the seat he now holds.

I believe that the seat was bought for him by created interests that were looking to be the only ones with a voice on Ward 2, the only one running and controlling Ward 2, and perhaps some parts of Ward 3, to make it look as if we are wrong for not supporting their financial interests.

Yes, they want Steve Seroka on the Ward 2 seat to secure a political puppet at their service and at their disposal. I have never been too fond of puppets, and, in my personal opinion, Steve Seroka is nothing but a puppet for a price; I cannot believe that a man who is able to serve his country, with honor–and for that I thank him–can become a flunky, a puppet used by created interests and people with  shady reputations.

It has been my personal opinion and the opinion of the editorial board of this newspaper that the best candidate–or now the best person–to be seated in the Ward 2 seat is without a doubt former city councilman Bob Beers. and we still maintain that opinion even after he was pushed out of that seat.

But then, on the other hand, the person that has “volunteered” herself to replace Seroka is not much different than Seroka and the people of Ward 2 will not know how long she will be available to serve them because she may want to run for a higher office once she unseats Seroka and she becomes the new city councilwoman.

I am referring to former Assemblywoman Victoria Seaman who, after only a few months in her assembly seat, decided to run for State Senator; then after losing that race, she jumped over to run for a congressional seat only to hand it to a perennial candidate by the name of Danny Tarkanian.

If Victoria would have stayed in that race we might have a Republican Congresswoman instead of what we have now; I have no idea who may be advising her in her political career but it seems to me that whoever it is doesn’t have Victoria’s best interest at heart.

Victoria, in my personal opinion, needs the title of city councilwoman for her political advancement. It is easy to run for a higher office when one is already sitting in an elected seat, which leads the uneducated and somewhat naive voters to assume that such a person is the voters’ choice and “should” be a good candidate.

As I see it, people who will vote in this year’s municipal election, are in a very difficult predicament facing a confusing political future because I can see the results of a very openly disturbed election; I hope I am wrong. I don’t mind being wrong when it is for the benefit of the community; nevertheless, I am going to predict what I see as a dark future for the city of Las Vegas–but again, I hope I am wrong.

In Ward 1, the ugly legacy of Lois Tarkanian will continue despite her being termed-out because her loyal assistant, Robin Munier, will not be elected by the power of the voters, but by the political power.

Regarding the Ward 3 election, regardless of who the winner is–a Victoria Seaman double named Olivia Diaz, or a man by the name of Ruben Kihuen who sees women as objects–the seat will be under the spell of the infamous Harry Reid, and the city council will be a copycat of the socialist Board of Clark County Commission.

Ward 5 is also in the race and the current occupant of that seat has nothing to worry about because none of the other candidates are a threat to the incumbent’s peaceful, nonchalant and secure attitude. He is there to fulfill a purpose as a non-political, non-aggressive, non-problematic person, not to represent any one specific group, but to fulfill a minority position ordered by the law of this great nation.

I sincerely hope that the people of Las Vegas come to their senses and vote with the best interests of the community at heart; don’t vote because a candidate remembers your name, is a neighbor, once did you a favor, or because the candidate is from the same country of origin, yet later is not going to be accessible to any one. Or perhaps the candidate is going to later run for a higher office after collecting one campaign contribution. People should be aware that the future of their family is at risk in this election; people need to vote for the best of the community and remember that voting to please Harry Reid is a big mistake. Look at Cuba and look at Venezuela–is that what you want for the future of your family?

Remember what I have always said, the difference between communism and democracy is very simple: first of all, don’t get confused; democracy is not about Democrats; Democracy is the exploitation of the man by the man, but communism is the exploitation of the man by the government.

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