LVVWD: “I don’t live in your house to know what you do, but you are watering the lawn.”

Water my lawn? I have nothing to water because I have desert landscape; my whole front and back yard has rocks, rocks, and more rocks everywhere.

Ex-Las Vegas water district worker sentenced in ink cartridge scam, Las Vegas Review Journal

By Perly Viasmensky
Some people want more local news; well, let me give you some inside comments from local companies and their employees, and when I say local companies I mean Nevada Energy, Southwest Gas and the one and only Majesty — the worst of the worst, the honorable Las Vegas Valley Water District.
When you call Nevada Energy for whatever reason, the employees are always courteous. If the reason of your call is a disagreement on a high bill, they normally offer to have someone to come in and inspect the meter. They even offer to have a technician take your meter to their shop and confirm that the reading is correct. Later they have the courtesy to call or send you a letter with the results of the inspection.
Southwest Gas is the same way; all those answering the phones are professional and know how to treat people with respect.
We cannot say the same about the Las Vegas Valley Water District. With the story that they are a County entity, their telephone operators are not only rude, they are crude. They have no class whatsoever.
According to its webpage, the Las Vegas Valley Water District is a “not-for-profit” utility company. Last I heard it means the type of organization, entity, or company that does not earn profits for its owners (in this case Clark County and all and everyone of the county commissioner members on the board). All of the money earned by or donated to a non-for-profit organization is used in pursuing the organization’s objectives and keeping it running.
Who is going to believe that? Does anybody believe that all those greedy county commissioners are going to spend time at meetings if they are not compensated? Where do people think that the high salaries of the Deputy General Manager of Administration, the General Manager and the Chief Financial Officer are coming from?
I personally had the unpleasant opportunity to interact with one of those people sitting behind a desk with earphones attached to her little head, who probably had a dream that because the water district belongs to the county, she is the personal adviser to Julie Wilcox, the Deputy General Manager of Administration. In my opinion, Ms. Wilcox should honor the telephone recorded messages the company gets when it says “this telephone call might be recorded…” and listen to the way customers are treated by the lowercase employees.
The woman in question claimed that I have a high bill because I water my lawn four times a week, in violation of my assigned days. Water my lawn? Water my lawn? I have nothing to water because I have desert landscape; my whole front and back yard has rocks, rocks, and more rocks everywhere.
The lady (if she can be called a lady)…oh well, in this case, let’s call her a woman, got impatient with me and in a very arrogant, rude and naughty tone of voice said: “I don’t live in your house to know what you do, but you are watering the lawn.”
“Madam, I don’t have a lawn, something must be wrong with the meter.”
The “Chief of engineers and personal adviser of Julie Wilcox,” who happened to be answering the phone lines when I had the misfortune to call the water company responded, “the meter is in perfect condition and this is it.”
That woman left me almost in tears. It is time for those big people working for the county to start listening to those supposed recordings and find out how customers are being treated. All of you need to remember that without customers not even the county could survive.
According to Las Vegas Valley Water District’s webpage, they claim they value and have: “Respect for People, Integrity, Service, Excellence.” Sorry, but put in plain English that’s a lie — Those employed as telephone operators have no respect for the people; there is no such thing as integrity; for that, first you need to earn respect from others; the service is depressing, probably because they resent the fact that they need to work in a lower position; excellence, is too big of a word for people with such an inferiority complex.
Don’t take my words out of context, I said inferiority complex because you don’t need to be psychiatrist to know psychologically speaking that people who treat others with disdain and scorn pretending to be superior to them are doing it because deep down inside they know they are nothing.
Perly Viasmensky is the General Manager of the Las Vegas Tribune. She writes a weekly column in this newspaper. To contact Perly Viasmensky, email her at pviasmensky@lasvegas

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