Handicapped or not, we’re doing our best

From day one of this publication we promised ourselves and made it clear to our readers that we would do our very best to do our journalistic job the best we could and do the right thing for the community in which we all live.
We could fill up this newspaper with news about a man who lost his life in a car accident, or report on a fire that was so generously and officially sent to us in an email by the Clark County or Las Vegas Fire Department Public Information Office, but by the time the newspaper sees the light of day or is delivered to our subscribers, the man will have been buried for the last two days and the fire will have been put out, and maybe the structure will have been cleaned and is already being remodeled.
However, we feel that we are more useful to our community and we serve the public better by touching on issues that are of future consequence by publishing articles that can open the eyes of all citizens showing the other side of the coin so they can have the opportunity to make their own mind up about any issue.
We are not writing about a fire in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or a jaywalking ticket that was given out in Kingman, Arizona like we many times read about in the local daily or hear about on the supposedly local television station; we are writing about how the mainstream media is trying to brainwash our community with communist ideas.
We need to bring to the attention of our readers the good job our police department, not the administration, is doing and remind them we are all lucky to have the same police force for those who reside on Eastern and Flamingo and those in the area of Alta and Decatur and hope that what just happened in Houston, Texas where criminals shot four police officers that were doing their job, never happens in our city.
We see the need to make sure that our readers see the need for having a safe border to make it hard for those who want to come here illegally, because every country has the right to protect its citizens and look after their own children so they can have a better future.
When we started this newspaper we promised ourselves that we were going to serve the community to the best of our abilities, fight for what is right at any cost, expose what we see as corruption and abuse of power; we put our money where our mouth was and no one can say that money has changed our original plans of serving our community — the community that has welcomed many of us with open arms.
It bothers us when we see public officials betraying the trust that the community has put in them or when law enforcement abuses the power that the uniform and the badge have unconditionally given to them by their thinking that they can turn their “protect and serve” motto into “abuse and betray.”
We support those elected officials that we see have the best interest of the community at heart and we try to expose those who betray the trust that the community and the voters have placed in them.
Unfortunately, we are a very small weekly newspaper with a big mouth and it is hard to keep doing a good job when the higher-ups of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department make it impossible by discriminating against us by denying us access to the same information they afford to others.
It is very hard for us to do a good job for the community when the few strings we may have to have to get the other side of the story are loosened when Sheriff Joe Lombardo, following the orders of his predecessor, deny us the opportunity to fulfill our duties while he is donating financial help to another publication.
It is almost impossible (only almost) to do our job when a stubborn old lady in the city council named Lois Tarkanian barred us from city hall just because she does not like what we have to say about her performance, and with the blessing of those on the board who are afraid of her and accept her dictatorial, capricious and childish behavior.
It is hard for us to ask questions and have to wait for someone to come to us to blow the whistle on some county commissioners because we felt unwelcome to ask the right question, because the head of the public relations department, Eric Pappa, is “too busy” to answer our questions. It is hard, but we do it the best we can and we will continue to do so.

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