Democrat judge orders Trump to stop deporting child molesters

Judge Brinkema took one look at that — and scolded President Trump for wasting her time!
By Frank Holmes

Judge Brinkema took one look at that — and scolded President Trump for wasting her time!

The Democratic Party has become so unhinged that it doesn’t just want to keep the U.S. border with Mexico wide open. Now, it wants to stop the Trump administration from deporting illegals with long rap sheets… even child molesters.
It’s gotten so crazy that a liberal judge just chewed out the Trump administration for trying to deport an illegal alien who sexually assaulted a child.
It’s sick. It’s unthinkable. And it’s the new Democratic Party norm.
The Open Borders crowd hit a new low when federal Judge Leonie M. Brinkema gaveled into her Alexandria, Virginia, courtroom earlier this month.
The Trump administration wanted to deport an illegal alien caught red-handed trying to cross back into the United States… after being deported at least once before.
Who was the man Trump wanted to get out of the country? “Ramon Adrian Ochoa Paz, ended up in federal court after serving time in Prince William County for aggravated sexual battery of a child, a felony,” The Washington Post reports.
Judge Brinkema took one look at that — and scolded President Trump for wasting her time!
She sat in the judge’s seat, looked at the child molester, then looked the prosecuting attorney in the eye and said something that shocked the entire courtroom.
“I hope this is not the start of a pattern for this year,” Judge Brinkema said. “I think this is not the best use of judicial or Justice Department resources to keep seeing these types of cases.”
Her comments were sick — but they weren’t unusual. Brinkema, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton, is typical of liberal activists across the country who want to give criminal aliens more rights than law-abiding American citizens.
Remember when a federal judge stopped President Trump from banning immigration from terrorist nations? That was Brinkema.
The judicial activist said that Trump’s travel ban amounted to nothing more than “religious prejudice” — even though Barack Obama issued the same ban.
Not only is Brinkema trying to stop the Trump administration from shipping pedophiles out of our country, but the liberal media is trying to turn Brinkema into a hero for it!
The Post went on to whitewash Paz, the child molester, saying that “his only alleged crime was coming back into the country after being deported in 2000.”
…Well, after raping and traumatizing a child.
The Post tried to downplay how much damage criminals reentering the United States — after they’ve already been deported once — cause Americans.
Still, it reported that their most common crimes include drunk driving and assault.
The Post also admits that “MS-13 is a serious problem in Northern Virginia” — but says “only four of the 224 defendants prosecuted last year on a reentry charge” had strong enough ties for prosecutors to bring is up in court.
“Only four”?! Four murderous gang members — known for raping, torturing, and mutilating their victims — is four too many.
And MS-13 is only a fraction of the problem posed by illegals who come back into this country after being deported.
Just think of Jose Olegario Lopez, who was deported eight times before cops busted him in Utah last Saturday with $850,000 worth of meth and cocaine in his car.
Or Juan Ramon Vasquez who was deported in 2009. Five years later, Philadelphia cops busted him reentering the country — but since Philly is a “sanctuary city,” they let him go.
In 2016, feds busted Vasquez (who also went by Ramon Aguirre-Ochoa) again — for raping a child. He’s now serving 8-to-20 in the pen, at U.S. taxpayers’ expense.
Vasquez “received a free pass from the City of Philadelphia and its Department of Prisons, headed straight back into our community, and committed a heinous crime he never would have had the chance to commit had the City of Philadelphia complied with the ICE detainer,” according to U.S. Attorney William McSwain.
And, of course, the man who shot Kate Steinle — Jose Ines Garcia Zarate — had been deported five times.
But San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy made sure he stayed on the streets… and its “justice” system set him free to kill again.
But what really worries liberals is not the tons of opioids, the shattered children who will be psychologically scarred for life, or the dead bodies of our finest young people that pile up day after day.
What worries liberals is that Donald Trump is trying to deport them — and the number of deportations for criminals re-entering the United States has tripled under Donald Trump.
Americans should never forget what’s at stake in this fight — and what leftists would do to their community if Trump weren’t there to hold the line.
* * * * *
Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

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