One newspaper to another: Greenspun Attacks Adelson

By Sunny Day
Las Vegas Tribune

    Brian Greenspun
               Sheldon Adelson

Nothing can be more rewarding to all members of the Las Vegas Tribune than when they are proven right, “especially when the proof comes from the almighty daily newspaper,” according to several members of the twenty-one-year-old local weekly newspaper news staff.
This past Sunday someone opened the daily newspaper to read the eight-page local section when the headline in the ten-page Las Vegas Sun insert grabbed the attention of the news crew: “Mr. Adelson, take responsibility for your newspaper,” along with a picture of the shameful socialist of the local media, Brian Greenspun — the owner and sole king of the newspaper that his father created, built and made the most popular newspaper in Nevada.
How can Brian Greenspun talk about taking responsibility when he does not apply it to his own newspaper insert and to the responsibility he has to the readers of whatever is left of the once-Las Vegas Sun newspaper?
Greenspun agrees with what the weekly Las Vegas Tribune has been saying all along when he writes that “As much as the R-J owners like to crow that their newspaper has the largest circulation in the state of Nevada, they forget to add that the Las Vegas Sun [has] exactly the same circulation.” Every time we had responded to the daily bragging about their circulation, we reminded them that the Las Vegas Sun has the same amount of newspapers… unless the daily pulls out the Las Vegas Sun inserts from those bundles that are sent out of town and out of the state.
But speaking of the responsibility to the readers and to the principles of any publication, it is important to point out that perhaps neither one of the two local media outlets are scoring high in those categories due to the fact that they may be using their publication to air personal editorial views while they are pretending to be the other way — professional and ethical; neither one of those two newspapers may be as local as they are pretending to be.
On January 2nd of this year, the Las Vegas Tribune published a front page article expressing the most logical view of the wall issue, pointing out the hypocritical position of the Liberals and Socialists in America that are merely missing their power of being in control.
“The so-called Trump Wall is becoming a hypocritical open eye for Democrats who have controlled the nation for the last two hundred years with the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ mentality of dictatorship,” the article read.
“The more we learn about the ‘Trump Wall,’ the more we learned about the lies and the hypocrisy of the Democrat-Socialists, who are doing nothing more than reminiscing about the days when they used to control the masses of this nation,” the article read in part.
Las Vegas Tribune has been very concrete on the wall topic because the newspaper believes that in the same way the Liberal-Socialist Democrats in the nation choose to live protected in their residences with a wall, the American people have the right to protect their country in the same way.
Trump took to Twitter to point out that the Obamas constructed a 10-foot wall around their Washington, D.C. mansion — a move he agreed was important for their security. Then, Trump asked why America couldn’t have a “slightly larger version” of the Obama wall to protect ALL citizens.
Locally, Victor Joecks with the daily newspaper is asking the same question about former Senator Harry Reid and all Reid’s puppets newly
elected to the senate — such as Jackie Rosen and Congresswoman Susie Lee, who are both upsetting the owner of the Las Vegas Sun insert — and who has become the defender of the elected socialists in Nevada, having always defended Harry Reid, the octogenarian former senator that never retired.
“There would be no reason for us to talk about a wall if we hadn’t shirked our moral and practical responsibility to the region,” the Sun editorial asserted. “Countries need walls if they’re insular and   afraid” wrote Brian Greenspun in response to Joecks’ commentary, giving the impression that he and all those Democrats living behind the walls of all those gated communities that are so popular in today’s society may be “insular and afraid,” as he claimed the
countries with walls are.
The “Almighty blessed Vatican” may be “insular and afraid” because the wall there is very high, very long and very thick as several photographs can attest to; of course, however, the walls are not bulletproof in any way, shape or form.
On July 26, 1993, Kevyn Wynn, the then-26-year-old daughter of casino owner Steve Wynn, was kidnapped at gunpoint from her luxury Spanish Trails condominium, a guarded and gated community in the southwest part of Las Vegas.
The kidnapping and other crimes that have taken place inside gated communities proves that the security offered is only in the minds of those residents that brag about living in gated communities.
Have a Sunny Day…

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