Wall of contention or a wall of protection?

Las Vegas Tribune Editorial Board
Democrats calls it “Trump’s Wall” in order to confuse the American people because they know that there is no such thing as Trump’s Wall because the reality is that President Trump is fighting for America’s Wall as it is a wall that is going to protect the American people. It is a wall to keep criminals and enemies of democracy out and freedom in the United States of America.
We agree and support President Trump’s passion to fight for the wall that can keep those who are not supposed to be here on their own because of the lack of paperwork and the lack of legality regarding their entrance into the country.
Unlike former president Barack Obama, President Donald Trump does not need the wall to protect himself and his family; for a very long time in his private life real estate mogul Donald Trump and his family have had their own security force, and their own bodyguards for the entire family’s protection. President Trump is now protected, as any other president in the past has been, by the right to use the government services and the protection of the United States Secret Service force, so he does not have to be concerned about the wall as a way to protect himself and his family; he leaves that concern to his predecessor
Barack Obama and his ten-foot-high wall with a chain-link fence on his eight million dollar mansion just a few blocks from the White House.
What we do not agree with is the government shutdown of those offices that could hurt or greatly inconvenience the government workers in low level classifications, and the public, the citizens of this great nation. We would’ve seen a more positive result if the President had closed the entire government; or there could have been a more productive and efficient shutdown by cutting the salaries of the Senate and House of Representatives, and those working in the capitol, along with all the appointed secretaries.
Perhaps it may not be of much moment taking into consideration that almost everyone in those elected positions and the appointed cabinet members has become a millionaire during their time of “giving back to the country” and “serving their constituents” for the last three, four or five decades, but at least those who work paycheck-to-paycheck would be able to pay their mortgage, cover their utility bills, and buy groceries.
“It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with a wall [being] an immorality between countries. It’s an old way of thinking. It isn’t cost effective,” says the newly elected Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
“When they say the wall is immoral, well then you better — got to do something about the Vatican, because the Vatican has the biggest wall of them all,” Trump said at a Cabinet meeting earlier last week at the White House Speaker Pelosi says that “a wall in our borders is not who we are,” so we ask, who are we? The only country with no wall where everyone can walk in and take advantage of our generosity? Is that what we want for the honest, hard working American people? Do we want to put the safety of our children at risk with diseases spread to all levels of the nation? Do we want our future generations to become a generation of dopeheads?
American people should tell Speaker Nancy Pelosi, her comrade Chuck Schumer, and all those socialist Democrats to stop trying to make the United States of America into another Cuba or Venezuela.
It is a wonder how many of those communist mentalities in the American Senate and the House of Representative have lived in a communist country, how many of them have suffered the tentacles of a communist regime; but more important, how many of those political junkies and regular people who believe and blindly follow them that American political so-called leaders have their best interest at heart have experienced the pressure of a communist government, regime and lifestyle.
There has never been so much disrespect for the office of the presidency as can now be seen; if we cannot respect the presidential office, if we cannot respect the president that was elected by the people of this country and show that much respect for the majority’s choice, then there is a problem in our system where it becomes “my way or the highway,” “my way or no way,” and we might as well just abolish the election process.
The American people should and must demand that the elected officials on both sides of the aisle maintain the sovereignty that has made this nation the greatest nation that it is, a nation that everyone wants to live in. God Bless America without communism.

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