Pelosi and Schumer are right; No Trump, let’s open the border and welcome the masses

By Rolando Larraz
Las Vegas Tribune
After weeks of analyzing the political history and the politicians that for the last half century have controlled the nation with what I erroneously thought were lies and false promises, I have concluded that President Donald Trump is wrong, and we as a publication that has prided itself on being a defender of the American people’s rights, we are also wrong.
We now agree with Senator Chuck Schumer, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the socialist Americans that love freedom and agree with a country with no borders so everyone can walk in and take possession of all the benefits this country has to offer and the free opportunity to do as they please without worries or concerns for our laws or being punished for doing everything that is wrong thanks to the freedom that this nation offers to the world, ignoring the sacrifice and the lives of our military that have lost their lives protecting and defending our rights and our freedom, the freedom that
everyone likes to enjoy at the expense of others’ hard work and tenacity.
Let’s now open the borders and save money by ignoring the salaries of the border patrol agents, those employees at the several immigration offices around the country, and, of course, the need for money for the border because the border will now be officially open to everyone.
Now the nation does not need more services of the food stamp office because we are all going to share the food that is in everyone’s kitchen, and whenever we need to find a nice car to impress our next business associate, we just get the keys to someone else’s car and go because we need to keep in mind that material things are not our own, but belong to whoever needs it, right?
There is no need to worry or be concerned with sickness, diseases, and infections, because we are all going to share the same illnesses, diseases and infections and we will all be happier.
I, for one, already ordered my gates to be taken off all the fences around my house, and already took off all the bars on the windows; next week my garage doors will be coming off so the newcomers to the United States won’t have to be bothered with waiting to get inside or asking for the car’s key.
I was hoping to be like my new idol, former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle by having a wall around my house, but thanks to Pelosi and Schumer I now can save that money; I hope “my Obamas” were able to save the few dollars they left their previous home on Pennsylvania Ave. with by not having to build their own wall because they have to be an example to all of us and “take down that wall.”
The only problem I see we may have now is with those activists that are being paid for causing trouble in the country. How are Astrid Silva and the culinary unions going to make a living if there is nothing to protest against?
It is almost like cancer — the cure has already been found, but if they cure every one of those cancer victims, how are the doctors, hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and advertising agencies connected to the cure of cancer going to make a living?
Now I am going to be able to retire; I don’t need a newspaper to open anyone’s eyes about communism and the benefit of having a border; now
we have the privilege and high distinction of being a real free nation without borders and complete with all the diseases, illnesses, and problems that those third world countries so generously bring to right into our homes.

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